Fred Astaire Dance Studios began on Park Avenue in New York City in 1947 and is the largest ballroom dance franchise in the USA. We are also the fastest growing dance franchise and are constantly looking for professionals across the country (and the world).

Our studios offer positions for both creative, dance professionals (instructors, dance directors and coaches) and business professionals (training directors, supervisors, managers and owners). We can help you get started in this business with locations that hold apprenticeships. Or we can find you the right studio to further your own dancing and help kick-start your career on the dance floor.

If you’re looking for a career in dance, you don’t need to look any further. Our comprehensive system ensures your success both on the dance floor and inside our studios. We recognize talent and we pride ourselves in giving you the foundation to make the living you deserve!

Think of the success you’ll have with 75 years of expertise behind you, a National Dance Board consisting of the best dancers and coaches in our business (some with household names), a state-of-the art curriculum, and a system that includes national, interregional and regional competitions, consistent regional and national training seminars and constant opportunities to shine.

If you’re one of those ambitious, dedicated, fun and friendly personalities, please click the link below. We want you on our team!

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