I adore this studio, and everyone in it! This truly is an amazing community of people, students and instructors! Everyone involved is super enthusiastic, caring, supportive, and helpful to everyone else. There is an incredibly welcoming atmosphere here for people of all ages, and I hope everyone gets to experience it for themselves at some point. Brendan is a wonderfully charming instructor and I look forward to learning many new things from him. All the love!!! ~ Tara D.


My husband and I did 12 sessions for our first dance and we couldn’t be happier! We could not dance at all when we first walked in. By the end we a fully choreographed dance that we could execute in front of a crowd as well as other moves we could bring to the dance table. Casey and Brendan were awesome and soooo much fun to work with! ~ Alex J.


This place is truly amazing! I’ve been going for about two months, and I absolutely love it! If you think ballroom dance isn’t right for you, then you probably haven’t tried it. Forget everything you think you know, and give it a shot! It’s great exercise, and it’s much more fun than going to the gym. Also, the staff is super friendly. ~ Bree S.


I recently joined the studio and cannot say enough great things about it! Everyone is so incredibly nice and welcoming – such a great atmosphere! I am also blown away by how quickly I was able to pick up several different dances. Don’t get me wrong, I am a beginner, but when I go to my classes I am dancing! If you’ve ever thought about taking a class, don’t waste anytime! ~ Kristina S.


Best group of instructors around! They all made us feel so comfortable, and made sure we were well prepared for our first dance! Our guests were so impressed by our first dance and we have the instructors here to thank for that! Such a talented and artistic bunch! They worked so hard to make our first dance exactly what we wanted it to be! ~ Jamie L.


I love this studio so much because it has brought back my self-confidence. Everyone is so friendly, loving and warm and I enjoy every minute that I’m there. Dancing has always been a passion of mine ever since I was little and I’m so happy that I get to do what I’ve always loved to do and now I love ballroom dancing! ~ Meghan B.


My wife and I were referred to this studio when my son was getting married. We wanted every detail to be perfect at the wedding – even the couple’s first dance and the mother-son dance. We didn’t want “grab and clutch” dances – we wanted proper dancing. 

From the moment we contacted the studio we were blown away by the quality customer experience. Casey and her husband own the studio and we worked with both for a couple of months leading into the wedding. We couldn’t have been happier with the experience. Both owners are wonderful teachers and incredibly patient. They needed to be for my wife and I . . . My son and his bride learned faster and my wife came along quite quickly with their constant encouragement. 

The wedding was amazing and a highlight was these two dances. We couldn’t have been happier with the results.

As a side benefit, I finally convinced my wife to keep dancing – I danced competitively many moons ago in college – and we have been going back ever since.

This studio is seriously good and I would encourage anyone who has any inkling they’d like to dance to go – you won’t regret it. ~ Carl N.