National Ballroom Dance Week and Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Bonita Springs

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but there is never time to waste in taking on this awful disease.

So we’re getting an early start on raising funds to help fight breast cancer, which kills more than 42,000 women every year, destroys the health of many more and causes them and their families untold years of suffering.

Here’s the deal: Beginning with National Ballroom Dance Week on Monday, Sept. 20, your Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Bonita Springs will offer introductory dance lessons for only $1 and introductory dance packages for only $10 to anyone battling or having survived breast cancer. All proceeds raised from the offers will be donated to a local charity focused on breast cancer awareness. The offer lasts through October.

“With National Ballroom Dance Week leading right into October this year, we thought it made great sense to get a jump on Breast Cancer Awareness Month by encouraging locals to get out and dance,” says studio owner Yuriy Datsyk. “We know how important it is for breast cancer survivors to have activities that make them feel whole, so National Ballroom Dance Week is a great opportunity to get them into the dance studio for some emotionally therapeutic fun.”

This also provides a way for family and friends to support breast cancer survivors and learn about the emotional and physical benefits of ballroom dancing for survivors.

A recent study from the National Institute of Health found that women battling or recovering from breast cancer who participated in dance therapy found five major benefits. Dance therapy helps them:

  • Cope with cancer, treatment, and physical symptoms.
  • Improve mental well-being, attention, and appreciation for the self and body.
  • Improve total functioning.
  • Bridge back to a normal and better life.
  • Participate in shared positive experiences.

Please join us in the fight against breast cancer and in helping patients and survivors stay strong. It all stars Monday, Sept. 20, as we kick off National Ballroom Dance Week.