5 Reasons You Should Take Private Dance Lessons

Are you thinking about signing up for dance lessons? Great! In addition to considering what dance style you want to learn, you should also weigh the difference between group lessons, practice parties, and private lessons. Here are five reasons why private dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Carmel, IN may be right for you.

Lessons Are Catered to Your Needs

When you sign up for dance lessons, express your goals to your teacher. If you’re learning with a group, you’ll have to consider everyone else’s needs as well. This may be just fine if you’re in a class with like-minded dancers, but it could spell trouble if you end up with a mix of competitive and social dancers in one group.

Thankfully, there’s no need to fret with private lessons because it’s just you and your teacher. This guarantees you’ll enjoy personalized instruction geared specifically toward meeting your dance goals.

You Can Learn at Your Own Pace

In a group lesson, you may have no choice but to move at an “average” pace. This may be frustrating if you’re a fast learner with prior dance experience and want to progress more quickly. Then again, you may be brand-new to dancing and want to take things slow.

Private lessons allow you to progress at your own speed, even if this means going fast in some places and slowing down in others. It’s the best way to maximize your time and investment, whether you choose to take in-person private lessons or enroll in online dance classes.

Convenient Scheduling Is Available

With group lessons, you are at the mercy of the studio’s dance schedule. You can hope that the samba classes or jive lessons that interest you take place at a convenient time, but you might be out of luck.

Scheduling works differently with private lessons. You contact your instructor personally, and the two of you select a time that works for both parties. This level of convenience may be necessary if you have fluctuating work hours or need to take dance lessons in the evenings or on weekends.

You’ll Receive a Confidence Boost

Are you hoping to overcome your shyness on the dance floor by taking lessons? It may be helpful to ease yourself into group classes by taking private lessons first. Of course, our dance studio is a welcoming, 100% non-judgmental community, but you may feel more comfortable moving your body in new ways if it’s just you and your instructor at first.

Your Health Will Improve

When you think about a physical activity such as dancing, you may immediately picture benefits like improved heart health, stronger muscles and bones, and increased lung capacity. Just 30 minutes of dance burns roughly 200 to 400 calories, so starting private or group lessons could be a great way to lose weight.

Dancing doesn’t just improve your physical health—your mental well-being also gets a boost! In your day-to-day life, you may notice sharper memory recall, improved alertness, and increased focus and concentration. In the long-term, dancing can even reduce the risk of dementia and other cognitive impairments that often affect older adults.

Take Private Dance Lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios

What are your reasons for taking dance lessons? Whether you hope to improve your existing dance skills, adopt a healthy new hobby, or prepare for your wedding dance, Fred Astaire Dance Studios is the right place to go! We have been teaching classic dance styles since 1947 when the illustrious Mr. Fred Astaire co-founded our company.

Come and join us for in-person or online private dance lessons! Sign up today by calling our Carmel studio at 317-846-3237.