Winning the 2018 Kremlin World Cup

About two months ago we received an invitation asking us if we would attend the Kremlin World Cup in Moscow, Russia. 

We were speechless. We had no idea we had even been under consideration. We were delighted to accept the invitation, so the real work began, no excuses, super focused.. ish got real…more real than real. 

It’s great what having a goal does for your practice. No matter what level dancer you are, having a goal to push you out of your comfort zone is crucial. It makes all the difference. So, after two months of solid training and coaching we left for Moscow with only one thought in mind, to bring home the cup. 

After a long flight we landed in Moscow and went to the hotel. Threw our bags in the room and left to walk around Red Square. What an amazing sight. So much history and what beautiful architecture. After our stroll through town we had a small meal and went to bed. When we woke up 15 hours later it was time for rehearsal at the Kremlin Palace, first time ever dancing in a palace! We went over our lighting and ran our number once. After that we waited for our division to be called. 

As they announced the start of our division the focus sharpened and we reminded ourselves of why we came here, to win. 

We took the floor with confidence and off we went. It was a spectacular performance. We were light and airy, musical and connected, it is such a wonderful feeling to get lost in your art. As our dance came to an end and we stood for our bows the audience showed their appreciation to us by coming to their feet with a rousing ovation. 

We were overjoyed, it felt great! As we waited for the awards ceremony we had a good feeling but it’s so hard to know what the judges are looking for. When the time came and they started to call out the placements we were the last ones to be called. 

We won, the cup was ours!