Local Fred Astaire Dance Studio Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary

DOYLESTOWN, PA – On August 7th, the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Doylestown celebrated the sixth-year anniversary of their studio’s grand opening

Like other local businesses, the Doylestown studio dealt with many hardships throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, much of which included the cancellations of major annual and bi-annual dancing events. Every year, studio owners Igori Bogatiriov and Yuliya Jung host an evening celebration of their studio’s opening, but regulations prohibited such celebration.

That is why this year, for their sixth-year anniversary, the FADS Doylestown Team created a spectacular anniversary celebration event, better than ever before, that allowed safe socialization and enjoyment.

The event consisted of student spotlight and solo performances to songs of their choosing inside the beautifully decorated studio. Following that, the guests were then accompanied outside behind the studio in the park, graciously provided by the Doylestown Historical Society. There, guests were met with a party tent and tables with excellent catered food and relaxing live band music.

The evening was a success and many of the students expressed their joy, saying that they felt so welcomed and look forward to next year’s celebration.

The Doylestown Team was beyond happy with the turnout and cannot wait for another year of sharing their dance knowledge with all students, old and new. They are honored to be part of the Doylestown community and look forward to more growth moving forward.

If you would like to become part of the Fred Astaire legacy and wonderful dance family, call 215-254-5494 or email doylestown@fredastaire.com to sign up! #OneTeamOneDream #LifeIsBetterWhenYouDance