Fred Astaire Dance Studio Reviews

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we love hearing comments and feedback from our dance students across the country & around the world! And we’re proud of what they tell us they notice, from the first time they step inside one of our  locations… an energy and sense of “FADS community” that’s welcoming, 100% non-judgmental, and truly joyful! Scroll through these reviews for inspiring examples of how the positive and transforming power of dance enriches lives –  and perhaps discover something new and engaging about dance. Then, step in to a Fred Astaire Dance Studios location near you, and experience the joy and confidence that dance lessons can bring to your life!

Karen Lopez is excellent! My fiancé and I decided to get dance classes for our first dance. We did our research and Fred Astaire seemed to be the most reasonably priced and had wonderful reviews. I am ecstatic we picked Fred Astaire in The Woodlands due to our wonderful experience and charismatic dance instructor, Karen Lopez. Karen has been phenomenal with our routine. She developed a plan with us and listened to all our feedback. She made sure that we were comfortable with the approach, speed and routine. This is very important for us because neither of us have ever had any dance lessons.

Her approach to teaching us I thought was wonderful. She taught us several basic moves for different style of dances to learn so we had “tools” to pull from when learning our first dance routine. She then continued on to teaching us the routine once we all felt comfortable moving on. She has been great at critiquing us and even working on the fine details of good posture, hands etc. Karen will make sure you look good at your wedding and you will have fun with her at your lessons! There’s never any negativity or pressure and she’s always made us feel very welcome.

To give other wedding couples an idea of lessons, we purchased the introductory package 7 private, 7 group and 7 dance parties. We also had our 2 lessons for $50 as a trial period and we purchased one more additional private lesson to take right before we leave for our wedding. We feel very prepared and comfortable after this.

– Michelle C.

Amazing, friendly group of talented dancers who listen to you, take care of you and are excited for your results! Very happy we joined these wonderful people! The dancing will save the world!!! We’ve been working with Anna and Karen and they have been so wonderful, encouraging. They’re super educated, knowledgeable. We’ve learned so much and it’s like coming home, not to a classroom. The style they are using is different form what I’ve done previously and I love it. I’ve exposed myself to a new type of dancing, rhythm and I love it!

– Irina D.

The instructors at The Woodlands studio are some of the best trained in the business. A high level of instruction is demanded by the owners and it shows in the dedication of their professionals. You become part of a family and learn to love ballroom dancing. 

– Elizabeth E.

I never had taken Dance Lessons until more than 2 years ago.

This place and the instructors are truly amazing. As one of the regional directors said they teach truly classy dancing here.

My wife and I shopped around at different dance studios in the area and none of them seem to have the Caliber of instruction that Fred Astaire has. You can learn everything from the Waltz, Fox Trot and Tango to the Texas two step and the polka here.

Over half of the Dance instructors here are national or international champions and that level of expertise is unmatched in the area.

I started out like a stove pipe with Mr Potato head arms and legs. Now I’m doing the Cha Cha, Waltz and many other dances that I never thought I could do. The patience and professionalism of the management and staff is what true customer service is about. Too bad I can’t give them 10 stars!

– Henry D.

Everyone at this studio is amazing! It is a great atmosphere. They treat everyone like you are a friend and not just another customer. I had some problems with shyness and anxiety. I started dancing because I needed something that could help me to feel better about myself. It was really dificult at first but I could tell right away that they all cared about helping me and worked with me at my own pace. Dancing is a lot of fun and a good way to learn how to be more social. I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and found a lot of friends. I think that people don’t think dancing can help with things like anxiety and depression but it really does help. I still feel that way sometimes but it gets easier. This place has made a great impact on my life. I highly recommend it. It is hard work to get it right but it is fun. It is a great feeling when you accomplish something that you never thought that you could.

– Jason H.