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Mental Benefits of Dance

We dash from place to place, ever connected by phone and computer to work, family and friends.

Where does it end? Where do we find calm and a mental timeout that allows us to refresh and recharge? How do we escape the pressure for just a little while and get on a more productive, less harried, track?

Try our Houston-Memorial dance studio. Let’s take some time for you.

2 Lessons + 1 Practice Session, ONLY $75!

Dance is a wonderful way to clear your mind and put the daily hassles to the side. Here are some of the key reasons why:

  • Movement relaxes the body and takes the focus off the mind. Concentrating on the dance steps, the music and maybe a partner shift the mental focus from day-to-day issues to the pleasure at hand, the music and the pleasure of physical effort.
  • Dance lowers stress and anxiety while improving your general mood. This has been proven by numerous studies. The release of various body chemicals and hormones during dance provides a completely natural antidote to mental turmoil and relieves the bad vibes.
  • Dance not only relaxes the brain but stimulates it as well. Remembering movements and patterns from dances amounts to exercise for your brain. And exercise is good for you!

2 Lessons + 1 Practice Session, ONLY $75!

Whether you prefer group ballroom dance classes or private ballroom dance instruction, dance can be the answer for your overloaded mind. Check with us today about our variety of classes and programs that can restore you to the proper, healthy state of mind.