Your First Dance Lesson

First Dance Lesson

What You Can Expect at Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Your first dance lesson can be scary, but sometimes knowing what to expect in a situation can put us at ease and make those first hesitant steps more enjoyable.  So here are some things you can do to make your first lesson a bit easier, as well as how the Fred Astaire method keeps it fun, fast and easy.

  • Don’t stress about your attire.  Some of our students feel they “get in the mood” better if they dress up, while others want to feel comfortable as they explore movement.  The only thing we ask is that you wear shoes that will stay on your feet. Please do not wear flip flops to your first dance lesson.
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to get to your first lesson.  Don’t forget, this is Orange County, and sometimes traffic can make us anxious.  Although our location in Laguna Hills is easy for anyone in Southern Orange County to get to, we don’t want you to feel rushed.  If you’re a few minutes early, that’s no problem.  You can listen to our toe-tapping music and look out at our beautiful view of Nellie Gail Ranch as you fill out the information sheet we will have for you.
  • Walking in the door is the hardest part.  Keep going, there’s a big Fred Astaire smile waiting inside for you!
  • Now that you’re inside and you’ve filled out the information sheet, your instructor will want to learn a little more about what you’re learning for.  Are you preparing to go on a cruise?  Are you learning for your wedding?  Are you learning so you can dance at other weddings?  Do you go to charity benefits that have dancing?  Is this a date night as a couple?  Do you want to do showcases or competitions?  All of these questions tell us what music you are going to be around and what dances you are going to need, as well as how hard we need to push you so that you hit your goals.
  • After we’ve got all of that figured out, we give you a quick tour around our beautiful ballroom studio.  It’s always important to know where the water and restrooms are!
  • Now it’s time to get those feet moving!  If this is your first dance lesson ever, we are going to start you out with the ABC’s – or as we call them, the “elements of dance”.  These are the building blocks of every dance, from the most basic of figures all the way through to the highest level of professional dancing.
  • OK, so now we know our ABC’s and can move onto learning a few dances.  Depending on your needs and timeframe, your instructor will take you through 2 or 3 different patterns or dances so that you can feel how easy it is to learn with the Fred Astaire method of teaching.  I know what you’re thinking “3 different dances?  How am I going to remember this?”.  Don’t worry though, we are seldom able to learn and remember a physical action after doing it only once.  This first dance lesson is  more about your instructor finding your strengths and learning style, as well showing you how easy it is to start this new adventure.
  • Mistakes always happen in the learning process.  Don’t worry about missing a step or stepping on your instructors toes, we expect these things to happen and will keep working to make that better.  Our certified instructors are patient and kind regardless of how many attempts it takes to make you feel comfortable.
  • Once you’ve gotten the chance to move around and feel the magic of ballroom dancing, it’s time to talk about how to make ballroom dance lessons work in your budget and schedule.  Everyone learns in different ways, has days that work better for them to be in our studio, and has different concerns that may be hurdles we have to get over, so we like to sit down and talk about some of those things so we can make your dance experience as fun, fast and easy as we can.
  • So, now you’re all signed up for your first program…don’t be shy!  Try to come into our Fred Astaire Dance Studio as much as possible in the beginning.  Get your private dance lessons all scheduled, and plan out your group dance lessons as well.  We don’t need to “schedule” your group dance lessons, but you should try to figure out which ones are going to work best in your calendar and for your needs.
  • If you get home and can’t remember that Rumba basic you learned, don’t feel like you’re a bad student.  Most people can’t remember everything they learn on that first lesson.  Thats exactly why you signed up for the introductory program, so that we can make these steps stick in your mind and make you comfortable and confident on the dance floor.

See….not so bad huh?  Once you’ve made it in for that first lesson, it all gets easier from here.  Contact us about setting up your FREE first dance lesson, and we’ll  see you soon!