Malina Robertson – Dance Instructor

Coming from a mixed martial arts and weightlifting background, Malina found Latin dancing as a form of active recovery. After representing Panama and Uruguay in different fighting styles, her knees and back suffered and she had to find a way to fulfill her competitive spirit along with physical, creative output.

After having specialized in mambo, salsa, and bachata, she found ballroom and says its the closest she has come to her fighting days. She describes it as a “physical chess game where no matter if it’s the same opponent or partner, song or ring, the dance is always different. It’s the perfect mixture of immediate physical communication in a reaction-counter reaction manner.”

As an engineer, she also loves breaking things down to a technical level which everyone can understand.

“My goal and passion in teaching in the dance world is to help people find a strong connect of confidence and communication with, first, their own body, and then, with others. I’m honored to be a part of anyone’s journey.”