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Fred Astaire Dance Studios Professionals & Staff

Our friendly staff and talented Dance Instructors can help you realize your dance goals – and you’ll have lots of fun doing it! Browse this page to meet our team of certified Dance Pros and learn about their qualifications and experience. Then call us, and get started today.
Dana Masi Orender– Fellow Dance Director/Owner
Dana has always had a passion for the arts since a very young age. She sang, composed music, and danced...
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Denise Buchner –Associate Dance Director/Owner
While Denise holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Montclair State University where her primary focus was...
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Evgenii Rozenfeld - Dance Director & Certified Dance Instructor
Evgenii was born and grew up in Russia where he started dancing Latin and Ballroom in his early childhood...
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Olha Novikova- Certified Dance Instructor
Olha was born in Ukraine and started her dancing journey in early childhood in both Latin and Ballroom....
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Luciano Catelli - Certified Dance Instructor
Originally from Argentina, Luciano has always had the love for music and dance in his blood and has found...
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Cristian Alvarez - Certified Dance Instructor
Born in Cali, Colombia, Cristian has always had a lifelong passion for dancing! He has been dancing Salsa...
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Delia Ortega - Certified Dance Instructor
Delia is one of the newest members to join our team! Having been part of the health and fitness industry...
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Sean Nepveu - Certified Dance Instructor
Sean has been around ballroom dance studios since before he could walk. His parents owned a Fred Astaire...
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Sara Magley - Certified Dance Instructor
Sara is a professional ballroom dancer, specializing in the International Style of dance but also actively...
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