Spring Clean Your Soul by Dancing!

You can feel it when you step outside. No, we’re not talking about the pollen; we’re talking about spring. It’s the time when Mother Nature renews all around us… when everything just seems to come alive. Many people celebrate by stepping outside and into the garden. The urge to plant and grow things is strong during this time of the year. Others prefer to practice their spring indoors!

The act of “spring cleaning” can be closely tied to several holidays across many religions, but historians often cite a practical purpose. Before the wonderful invention known as the vacuum cleaner, March was often the first time it was warm enough to throw open all the windows in the home and get to dusting. The breezes and fresh air would carry the dust out of the house. This time of year was also when coal furnaces didn’t run, so all of the soot could be washed from the walls and furniture.

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios Marlboro , we like to meet Mother Nature’s challenge with a renewal of our own… a spring-cleaning of the soul, if you will. It can mean different things to different people. No matter what it means to you, a spring-cleaning of your soul (using ballroom dancing instead of a vacuum cleaner!) is a wonderful way to lighten your load and clear the cobwebs and the dust bunnies clogging your mind and your growth.


  1. Purge the negative. Consider this a type of decluttering of your personal closet. During the winter months, some people experience a sort of downtime. With spring, it’s your chance to get back out there and surround yourself with people and joy. That’s easy to do when you sign up for dance lessons at one of our studios. Our teaching philosophy is simple: learning how to ballroom dance is always fun! When you sign up for a class, you’ll be waltzing those winter blues away in no time.
  2. Renew the positive. Just like the flowers we plant in the spring, our relationships with loved ones and cherished friends need tending. Dedicate yourself to renewing them, and as they thrive, so will you. Dance gives you the perfect opportunity to reconnect with a partner. When you gaze into your partner’s eyes and dance together, you’ll strengthen the emotional and physical connection that made you a couple in the first place.
  3. Don’t devolve. It can be so easy to give into the emotions like bitterness, resentment and impatience. Sometimes losing this habit can be as simple as becoming aware that you are actually doing it. It can be more difficult for others. Dancing is proven to provide you with physical and emotional benefits that can be life-changing. You’ll reap the benefits after just one class as you soar with confidence after learning a new skill.


Socializing and spending time with people doing things you enjoy can go a long way toward putting you in a positive frame of mind. It’s one of the reasons people love dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studios Marlboro. Our studios bring like-minded people together in a supportive environment. When you add in the exercise component, dancing is even more beneficial. So, this spring spend some time on purging the old and embracing the new, both inside and out.