Yurii Limanskyi – Instructor

Yurii is from the Ukraine. He has been dancing for around 16 years and has experience in Ballroom, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, and Latin. His favorite style to dance and compete in is Ballroom. He has trained under many professionals, including Lyudmila Samchinskaya, Sergey Samchinsky, Oksana Kravchuk, Julia Besarab, Sergey Kravchuk,Dmytro Bazela, and Alex Guzyr. He loves teaching ballroom to share the information he has learned from all over the world, especially technique, emotional and confident side of dancing. He has won the title of Finalist of The Ukraine Championship, and Champion of Ukriane in Juvenile. When asked what he loves about dancing, he said, “Everything! I love everything about dancing. I can’t just pick one.”