I've Got the Music In Me! Dance Showcase

Come celebrate the music in each and every one of us at our “I’ve Got the Music In Me” Studio Showcase on June 21st and 22nd! This event is the perfect chance to enjoy a multitude of amazing performances by our students and staff, who have been putting in so much amazing work and dedication for this showcase! Watch your friends, family, and community members dance their hearts out and show that they’ve got the music in themselves, and they love to express it!

Tickets are $20 if purchased ahead of the show or $25 at the door, so don’t delay! RSVP today by giving us a call at 740-368-9040, or you can purchase your tickets right now by using the ticket purchase link just to the right on this page!

I’ve Got the Music In Me

Showcase Tickets

$20 per attendee

Enjoy This Year's Performances!

You can enjoy all our student dance performances captured in video below!