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Fred On Red Films

Have you been wondering what is this Fred on Red everyone has been talking about or the Filming days?  In this year of firsts, we partnered with World-level Coach and Regional Dance Director Taliat Tarsinov to take your dance dreams to the big screen just like Fred Astaire. Fred Astaire started in Vaudeville, but really came to life with those dance shoes on the Big Screen. Now you too can follow in Fred’s footsteps and turn your dance dreams into a legendary experience to be seen and enjoyed by everyone with that “Fred Astaire style!”

We’ve gone Hollywood!

Our videos bring your dance story from the stage to the screen. Through our robust scriptwriting, shooting, and editing process we take students from fantastic idea to beautiful finished film with grace and ease. Scroll down to discover more about how we can make your dance vision a reality!

Here’s how it works:

1. The Dance: Create a dance routine  with your teachers

You and your teacher(s) create a special one of kind choreographed dance routine using a favorite song of choice. Add more fun to the song choice by pairing it up with Fred Astaire Ohio’s yearly dance theme! (Past themes have been- Dancing though the Decades) Once done, register for a Fred on Red Film day where our professional video team will create a movie storyboard version to capture it on video. Once enrolled for your film date send over a pre-recorded video of your dance with the music file at least 2 weeks in advance to the team in our designated Fred on Red Dropbox for movie magic pre-production!

2. Scene One, Take Two: Screenwriting

Once we receive your video and music film, a dance storyboard script is created to tell your dance story on the big screen. The script converts the dance into small scenes that will be filmed on location.

3. Location, Location, Location

Our production team will contact you about finding your special location for filming, props, costuming, and more to help you prepare for your big film!

Making sure the costumes are just right before shooting!

4. That’s a Wrap: Filming Day

It’s the big film day! Plan about 3 hours on location with your teacher and film crew and professional cinematographer. We will use your dance script created in step two as our guideline along with props, costumes, and music turning your dance into a one of kind dance movie starring you!

5. The Cutting Room: Editing and Post-Production

After filming we take all of the film into the cutting room where a team of editors will cut down the film into different scenes to be edited. We will add graphics and music tracks taking the best scenes putting it all together until finally, your dance is ready to be put on the Big Screen!

6. A Private Screening: The first preview of your video!

Your video has been delivered to our inbox and it’s time for a special private screening! Our directors will notify you and your teacher and a time will be scheduled to watch, discuss and enjoy. This is a wonderful experience for everyone and can be quite emotional as you see yourself for the very first time on film. Teachers will use the film preview as a private teaching opportunity to set goals and plans for the weeks to come. It may be good to come with a notepad to write down ideas and questions. And of course, it’s a day to celebrate your achievements as we all give you a round of applause and congratulations!

The perfect weather for shooting amazing choreography!

7. PREMIERE DAY: Fred On Red Film Festivals!

It’s finally time for the rest of your friends and the dance world to see your video. Make sure to look for when your film will be shown and put the date aside. All students will have a ticket already for this event. In addition, the film will be set to be shown on our Website and Facebook groups and other social media channels. Learn more about Fred On Red Film Festivals Here!

Bringing the energy levels up before the shoot!