Staying Consistent with Lessons through Holiday Season

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which of course means a much busier social calendar for roughly the next month or two. But what about your dance lessons? As human beings, if we take a break from a skill we have been working on, our progress is halted and naturally our retention isn’t as strong.

Your instructors do understand that there is life outside of the dance studio and that especially during the holiday season everyone is particularly busy with social and family obligations. Your instructors also want what is best for you and your dancing goals and want to make sure that your hard work hasn’t been for nothing.

So what does this all mean? Your instructor would love to see you as much as they do throughout the rest of the year, but if that’s not possible, try to still make it into the studio in some form once a week. Many of the social gatherings may involve dancing and you want to make sure that you remember what you ave already learned. What better way than still making it into the studio for practice?! Talk with your instructor at Ridgefield Fred Astaire Dance Studio, as dancers, they’re flexible, so some time can be found for scheduling that works for everyone 🙂

Happy Holidays and Happy Dancing!