While the kids are away, the parents can play…

Congratulations to all the parents that have finally been able to send their kids back to school after a long summer of having them home! The big question though, now what? Why not give ballroom dancing a try?! When couples take dance lessons together, a tighter bond is created and a better relationship can be formed.

Most social events; weddings, galas, parties, include dancing. Why be stuck on the sidelines not being able to join in, especially when undoubtedly your other half wants to get up onto the dance floor?! The ability to move as one with your partner speaks to a certain level of social grace and the skill to be flexible to one’s surroundings.
Speaking of flexibility, dancing is a great form of exercise and something you can do WITH your partner. We all know how it goes at the gym, one person is on the treadmill and the other person is in a cardio class. You both may be working out at the same time but not together, finally here is a way for the two of you to workout together! Dancing is good for the heart, in more ways that just one.
Married life, parenting, relationships, they all require teamwork. Splitting up the responsibilities, whether it be bills, chores, or taking care of the kids to name a few examples. Dance is just another metaphor for life that of course runs smoother when things are carried out well. Ballroom dance is teamwork, leading and following and therefore, moving as one. Dancing together ON the dance floor can help improve your dancing together OFF the dance floor to the living room floor.
Ballroom dancing requires teamwork, just like many things in life. Taking that a step further, ballroom dance is a great metaphor for life. Whether you’re looking for a great new date night, doing something together, helping build up teamwork, ballroom dancing is here to help. Give us a call at the Ridgefield Fred Astaire Dance Studio for how you and your partner can get started today!