How Practicing Solo Improves Your Dancing

As dancers, we all know that we need to practice our dancing in order to improve. It’s easy to practice during your private lessons or group classes when you have a built in partner there, whether it’s your instructor or a fellow student. But it is just as important to practice solo outside of those settings. YES, practicing solo will IMPROVE your partner dancing. Sounds strange right? Solo practice is actually one of the best things you can do for yourself to improve your dancing!

Practicing solo helps a dancer become stronger, both mentally and physically. As ballroom dancers we’re used to holding on to someone, so practicing solo teaches us to maintain our own balance without relying on someone else. It also requires us to learn our own steps without relying on someone else to be there and help guide us through. By taking the time, you’re taking responsibility for your dancing journey and proving that you can do well on your own. This all results in more confidence, especially when your instructor or coach takes notice and says something. All of these skills help us become a stronger partner when dancing with someone.

Think back to any of the dance lessons where you’ve forgotten what you learned last time. It has happened to everyone at one point or another, it’s natural to forget, especially when something is newer. But when we take notes and review at the end of a lesson and then practice, not as much time needs to be spent reviewing during the next lesson. Instead, there can be specific questions and continue to move on.

When we’re able to stop worrying about doing something correctly, because let’s be real, we all like to do things correctly, we’re able to actually relax and ENJOY our dancing. All of these benefits feed into each other, when you don’t feel like you’re “wasting your time” reviewing things, you don’t become as frustrated and feel good continuing forward. Feeling stronger and more balanced helps provide confidence which then pushes and motivates to work harder and become stronger, both physically and mentally. All of this then loops back to you (and your instructor) feeling happy.

Feeling inspired to start practicing solo? Feel free to come in before or stay after your private lesson at the studio! The instructors at Ridgefield Fred Astaire Dance Studio love seeing you putting in extra effort and will never kick you off!