The Key to Career Success? Learning To Dance.

The Key to Career Success? Learning To Dance.

Of all the ways you’ve every thought of advancing your career, dancing probably never crossed your mind. But it turns out that knowing how to execute a smooth fox trot or a sizzling samba can actually help make you a more desirable employee. Many business people have already discovered the career advantages of becoming a ballroom dancer and are taking steps to up their game.

Knowing how to dance will boost your confidence.

Dancing can do wonders for your self esteem.  You will focus on posture, etiquette and movement as you learn a new skill, all of which will help you present yourself as a winning employer.  Whether you’re  running a meeting, giving a speech or merely performing your daily tasks the confidence you acquire in dancing will help you make better business decisions, foster more leadership qualities and help you get the positive results you desire.

You’ll learn to think on your feet. The first time you get out on a ballroom floor you will discover the importance of knowing how  to navigate your space. With the help of your professional partner, you’ll quickly learn how to assess the room so you are aware of the other dancers and how they’re moving and where you need to be.  Making decisions on the fly is an important quality for anyone in business and will be of great service to you when unexpected situations arise. 

You’ll never run out of ideas.  Moving your body stimulates creative thinking by making new connections in your brain cells. The heart pumps faster, blood and oxygen circulate to the brain and before you know it your thought process is in full gear. More and more successful business people  are discovering  the power of whirling around a dance floor to  generate  new ideas and make them more dynamic thinkers. So much of work is a left brain activity but dancing unleashes the creative right brain that shakes up your thinking.

You’ll be a better team player.  Working in tandem with a partner, which involves  making a connection and learning to coordinate,  provides important skills you can take back to the office. Because dancing is socially interactive it can help make you a better communicator guiding you toward finding common ground with others and build stronger business relationships.

The bonus?  Dancing is fun, beneficial to your well being and and a great way to meet new people. Moving up the corporate ladder has never been so enjoyable!