Top 10 Fred Astaire Dance Scenes (part 2)

Top 10 Fred Astaire Dance Scenes

(5) Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire make history again with Cheek to Cheek from the movie “Top Hat” in 1935. In this iconic dance scene Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers bring new meaning to elegance and style. The song Cheek to Cheek was nominated for the Best Song Academy Award in 1936.It stayed at the top of the charts for 15 weeks and was named the #1 song of 1935.

(4) The lovely Ginger Rogers teamed up with Fred Astaire to make silver screen gold! Few would argue that “Swingtime” was one of the most memorable movie moments from the 1930’s. The movie itself is thought by many to be Fred and Ginger’s best dance musical. It features 4 dance routines that have been regarded as “dance masterpieces.”

(3) Fred Astaire and Cyd Charrise Dancing in the Dark from “The Bandwagon” No one graced the screen like Fred and Cyd. Way before their time, the elegance and sexiness of this couple has yet to be matched. The story told in the movie is of an aging musical star who hopes a Broadway show will breathe life into a dwindling career. Until a prima ballerina is brought in and clashes with the star.

(2) My personal favorite is Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in “Too Hot To Handle” this incredible choreography and precision in technique is far beyond it’s time. From the perfectly timed slap to the comedy throughout. This is super!

(1) Fred Astaire in “A Damsel in Distress”

As Fred Astaire (Jerry Halliday) and a few good men fight over the love of their lives Joan Fontaine (Lady Alyce). We get surprised with this gem! In my opinion, this is by far Fred Astaire’s most impressive dance scene. As he dances, he also tries his hand at percussion.