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Our Dance Calendar

Our diverse calendar is your gateway to mastering ballroom dance, offering a harmonious blend of private lessons, group classes, and lively practice parties.

Private lessons provide personalized instruction, allowing you to progress at your own pace and focus on areas of interest or improvement.
Group classes are a fun way to learn new steps and styles while connecting with fellow dance enthusiasts. They foster a supportive community environment and enhance your social skills on and off the dance floor.
Our practice parties bring your skills to life in a real-world setting, giving you the confidence to shine at any social event.

This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded dance education, accelerating your learning while maximizing enjoyment. Join us at FADS Worcester, MA for an experience that dances its way into your heart!

Check out our monthly calendar!

 PLEASE NOTE: Our calendar of events is subject to change. Be sure to contact our studio for questions and more information.