Cheryl Jones – Studio Owner, Dance Director, and Professional Instructor

Introduction to dance.  I was introduced to Fred Astaire Dance Studios as a student back in 1984, beginning a wonderful journey of ballroom dancing.  During the next three years, I realized that learning how to ballroom dance brought amazing benefits to my life, as well as to all those around me–a great workout, improved physical and mental health, increased confidence, a fabulous creative outlet, major decreased stress, and definite increased social fun and friendships.  It soon became obvious that ballroom dancing was to become a life goal.

From student to owner.  In 1987, after almost living at the studio as a student, I was drafted into teaching.  I quickly became the “go-to” instructor at the studio, teaching, performing, and competing.  My students continuously placed in the top two at national Fred Astaire dance championships. Then, because of fortuitous circumstances, I and another instructor assumed ownership of the Anchorage Fred Astaire Dance Studio in 1990.  To this day, I continue to serve as the “go-to” instructor, Dance Director, and studio owner.

Inspiration to teach.  My inspiration for teaching as well as owning a Fred Astaire Dance Studio are the students themselves.  From stepping out onto the floor for their first lesson to participating in studio and national events, the progress and growth that they make never ceases to amaze me.  It is an honor and a blessing to share the many gifts of dance with them and with every person that walks into our studio.

Advice to future students.   It is never too late to start to dance.  The only time you have is now.  All it takes is that one step into the studio to change your life.  Don’t wait for an opportunity, create it!

I look forward to welcoming you into our studio.