Diaper Dance – Jake’s Diapers Diaper Drive

Local News Team Learns the Diaper Line Dance

We were proud to join NBC26 & Jake’s Diapers to help with the October Diaper Drive.  Member’s of the News Team and and volunteers braved the bleak, late-October weather to learn the diaper dance to help bring awareness for Jake’s Diapers.  This is wonderful cause.  We are looking forward to helping them more in the future.

While the adults learned how to dance, the children were busy at play in the Kiddiepillar.  This giant inflatable caterpillar was provided by Fun Pros Events.  This was a huge hit with the kids.  Some of the adults thought about trying their luck with the inflatable obstacle course, but settled for enjoying the energetic laughter coming from the children.  However, some brave members of the News Team took their turn at exploring the insides of the Kiddiepillar.  I guess their journalistic ambition was enough to give them the courage needed to take part in the goodnatured fun.

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Flash Mob Line Dance
Learning the Dance

Jake’s Diapers’ goal is to provide diapers to people who live extreme poverty.   Since they began, Jake’s Diapers has helped thousands babies worldwide and right here in our Fox Cities community.  Please bring donations of either cloth or disposable diapers to the Festival Foods’ parking lot in De Pere, Wisconsin.  Look for the giant Caterpillar Bouncey House.

Learning the Diaper Dance

Ok we admit that this dance will not replace the Wobble or the Cha Cha Slide in popularity.  But the silliness of the dance was supposed to raise the embarrassment level of all who were participating.

Diaper Dance Flash Mob Group
Diaper Dance Selfie
Melinda and Charlie Sokaitis chatting
Melinda encouraging NBC26 News Team’s Charlie Sokaitis

As the dancers took their positions, Melinda guided her willing and eager team through the choreography.  She also included the American Sign Language Gestures that coincide with the steps.

We are proud of the all the participants in the line dance!