Social Dance Parties Starting this Week!

Veteran’s Day Social Dance Party

People at a social Dance Party
Friends Dancing at a Social Dance Party

We are excited to begin hosting our social dance parties.  There is no better way to reinforce your dance lessons than using what you have learned in a controlled practical application.  That is exactly what our weekly social dance parties are…a safe environment to use what you have learned.

These aren’t the middle school dances of your youth.  We plan and structure each party to minimize the nerves and maximize the fun.  All of our staff is in attendance to help provide an exciting atmosphere for our students to actively engage in social dancing.

Logos of the 5 Branches of the Military
The Five Branches of our Military

Thank you Veterans

Our parties are normally themed to keep the enthusiasm level at it’s highest.  This week’s theme is to honor our veterans.  We would like to invite any and all active-duty or retired military service members and their spouses to attend this week’s party for free.  It is our small way of giving back to all of you that gave so much for us.  Thank You!

Check our Calendar for Upcoming Party Themes!