Empty Nest? More Room To Dance!

It’s that time of year again.

Those kids – or young adults – who occupied their old bedrooms for the summer are heading back to college. Or maybe they are off to college for the first time, ready to embark on that new journey and independence.

Which also gives YOU independence. Nobody coming and going at all hours. No kids to cook for. Your load is lightened and your time is yours.

Sure, you will miss them. Empty Nest Syndrome is a real thing – feelings of depression, loneliness, sadness when the kids take off, either temporarily or for good. As Psychology Today notes as a way to cope and thrive: “This might be an opportune time to explore or return to hobbies, leisure activities, or career pursuits.”

If you’re a member of our Fred Astaire Dance Studio, we welcome you back to our fabulous array of ballroom dance classes and practice parties. If you and your significant other have been looking for a new hobby or pastime, dance is certainly something that can help you spread your wings and handle any sad feelings you might have about your children being away. We’re like a family and friends all rolled into one! Let us give you a big hug and a spin on the dance floor!

Take a positive step. Got the blues? Come and dance with us. Got time to take up a new hobby or learn some new dance steps? We’re here for you. Stop by or call us and get those toes tapping!