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Fred Astaire Dance Studio Testimonials

For years, I wanted to learn how to dance. Fred Astaire is a great place to do that, and I would recommend it to any of my friends. Hannah, Dillon, Aleena, and Damion are all great instructors with a ton of knowledge to share.

– Phillip L. | February 2018

Awesome dance studio and very friendly instructors! I’m glad I took the plunge and joined. Dillon is patient, gracious, and very knowledgeable.

– Sam Z. | September 2017

We took two lessons with Hannah before our first dance at our wedding. We had such a great time! Hannah is so patient and is an excellent instructor. We will definitely be back to take more lessons after the honeymoon.

– Caryn M. | May 2017

The Fred Astaire studio in Austin is a really fantastic place not only to learn to dance, but to just have a great time with great people. Liz, Dillon and Hanna are all fantastic dancers and instructors, and just generally fun to hang out with. The atmosphere is totally relaxed, and unpretentious – it’s really a pretty small, intimate studio, which I appreciate a lot. If your idea of dance lessons is thirty people tripping over each other while trying to keep up, this place will completely redefine your expectations.

Personally, I never thought I would be able to dance worth a damn, but after just a few lessons they had my wife and I in frame and circling the floor to some great music! The method they teach with actually works, and I feel like I really do get better after each lesson. I had no idea that this could be so fun and enjoyable. My wife and I now show up for private or group lessons several times a week and really look forward to it each night. I can’t recommend this place enough.

– William O. | February 2017

I was incredibly nervous about taking dance classes with my boyfriend. Liz was very positive and upbeat the entire time allowing me to relax a bit and really try to learn dance. I was shy and stiff, but she was happy to keep us moving along and trying out new moves. We signed up for 12 more classes, which is something I’d never thought in a million years I could commit to. If they can get me excited about dancing, they can get anyone excited.

– Katie | November 2016