Lessons & Activities

Studios offer instruction on Private and Group levels as well as Practice Sessions and at every Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio, learning how to dance is made to feel easy and fun!

On your first lesson, you’ll learn the basic elements on which all dance patterns are based. By the end of your first lesson you’ll be on your way to dancing!

Don’t put it off for another moment – walk into the Boynton Beach Fred Astaire Dance Studio and start dancing today!

Become a better dancer faster by taking advantage of all we have to offer!

Group Classes


Ballroom Basics is designed for beginner students enrolled in the Basic Program. No previous
dance experience is required. This class helps our new students review and memorize basic
steps in the popular ballroom and social dances including Rumba, Hustle, Swing, Cha Cha,
Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango.
Dancing with Musicality is a group class open to all levels. This class covers the rhythms of
the popular ballroom and social dances. Students will practice dancing basic patterns and sequences
to music throughout this class.
Night Club Latin Dances is open to all levels. This class will cover dances popular in night
clubs including Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, and Bachata.
International Latin is a class open to Social Foundation level students and above. This is an introduction to the International style dances like Rumba, Cha Cha, Paso Doble and Samba.

Lead and Follow is a class open to all levels and focuses on clear communication in leading and following. Students will practice lead/follow using elements from both Rhythm and Smooth styles.

Ballet for Ballroom is open to all levels. This class is to help our students stretch, elongate and
strengthen for better ballroom and social dancing. Posture and balance are a focus of this class
as they are necessary for good dancing. Bring a yoga mat to this class.
Bronze Class is reserved for our students enrolled in the Bronze Program or above. This class
includes the dances and advanced patterns found in the Bronze level. Bronze techniques such   
as rise and fall, swing and sway, and advanced body movements are included in this class.
Dance Fitness is a high-energy work out class designed to tone, strengthen and burn calories
using elements of the ballroom and latin dances. Low heel dance shoes or dance sneakers and
exercise attire recommended.
Ladies/Men’s Styling Class introduces specific movements, techniques, postures and positions
that can be used in a variety of dances. This class is taught at a high level and students of
all levels are encouraged to take part.
Practice Sessions are the best way to prepare for your upcoming event or a night on the town
and is the ideal place for you to test your new dance steps with various partners and situations
that occur on the dance floor. Nothing will get you to a comfortable social dance level more
quickly than regular attendance at our practice sessions. You’ll dance to a variety of music in a
fun and friendly atmosphere while gaining confidence. All the studio instructors are here to help
you and the demonstrations done by our professionals and other students will inspire you.

Quinceañera Lessons

Our Fred Astaire Boynton Beach professionals have the skills and knowledge to make your quinceañera choreography truly memorable. We will guide you through the steps needed for the traditional waltz as well as teach you the steps of any other surprise dances you may choose to add into your choreography. Our dance professionals will help your vision come to life.

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Wedding Programs

We know how important your Wedding Day is, and we can help you make it even more special! At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, our customized Wedding Dance Instruction Program is created just for you, and will give you the confidence and skill to show off your elegance, style – and maybe a little personality! – on the dance floor, on your special day. For that first dance with your new spouse, or for memorable Father / Daughter and Mother / Son dances, you’ll amaze your family and friends with your new-found skills, and enjoy a magical moment that will be with you for the rest of your lives! In just a short amount of time, our certified Dance Instructors can help you learn a few basic steps or, if you have more time, choreograph the whole dance with you! Whether you want just a few steps to get by, or are looking to create “YouTube-worthy” choreographed dances for the entire wedding party, we’re here for you! This is also a great way to have fun and relax, before and after the Big Day. Enjoying time together while learning how to dance is a great hobby for any couple to share. Your first dance is such an everlasting expression of love and commitment. Contact us today, and give everyone at your wedding a dance to remember.

Lessons & Activities

Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Dance, our gift certificates are a great way to introduce that special someone in your life to the world of Ballroom and Latin dancing. They are great for Holidays, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, or simply just because!The best part is that the cost is the same for a single or a couple so you can come along with the person you are giving it to!

Options & Pricing


$40 – (2) Private Lessons (30 Minutes)

$380 – (4) Private Lessons (45 Minutes), (2) Group Classes (45 Minutes), (1) Practice Session (1 hour 15 Minutes)

Gift Certificates