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** Update as of May 20th: We are happy to announce that we now offer both in-person and virtual private and group lessons! Contact the studio for more information **

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Virtual Group Class Descriptions


Dance Smart – Mr. Slash Sharan – This class favorite is back! This class favorite is back! Academic and mental approach to ballroom dancing. Learn little tricks and tips to help you become a better dancer…faster!


Latin – Mr. Oleksandr Kozhukhar – Come and experience an introduction to the basic fundamentals and characteristics of the five Latin dances – Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive. We will cover basic characteristics of the dances, footwork, body actions, timing, and more! No Latin experience required.

Ham Jams – Mr. Arthur Sigmund – Keeping the energy up with dance moves set to all your favorite Hamilton songs!

Fundamentals of Dance – Mr. Patrick Wysocky – This class will have you exploring and practicing the primary principles of dance. Learn more about becoming one with your core, proper frame, body awareness, connection and so much more.



Body Coordination – Mr. Brandon Romero – Learn how to produce the same amazing grace, power, and precision of Professional Dancers through simple exercises. By exploring the use of your bones and joints, develop the relationship between different parts of your body to grasp fundamental dance principles.

Elements of Dance – Mr. Daniel Skyler – Enjoy a class focusing on some of the most important elements of dance, including items such your body action, space, timing, and so much more. This class will have you working to improve and perfect your dance steps and routines all while having fun.

Ballet Barre – Ms. Rachel Sayotovich This class is a ballet inspired workout utilizing movements from ballet barre to help sculpt a long and lean body.  This class focuses on posture and toning of your legs, gluts and core.  Ballet Barre is a low-impact class that is open to all dance levels.

Ballroom for Beginners – Mr. Dana James – This class was created for our beginner students, social foundation level students, and new bronze students. Enjoy focusing on the basics, improving your techniques and skills, and learning new and exciting tips and tricks.


Arm Styling – Ms. Sasha Kharchenko – This class will teach you how to coordinate your body movement with your arms in rhythm and smooth styles of dancing. You will have a better understanding of different arm positions and make you feel confident about your styling!


Stretching – Ms. Jade Augustain – Treat your body to a stretch! This class will have you feeling flexible, refreshed, and limber as you work through movements to touch on stretching out all parts of your body.

Ballet & Ballroom – Ms. Rebecca Vincitore – Bringing ballet into ballroom? You got it! This class will have you incorporating the aesthetics, body movement, and strength used in ballet with your classic ballroom dance steps and movements. You may be surprised at just how similar each form of dance really is.

Beautiful Ankles – Ms. Megan Strong – Ankles play a large part in dancing, so why not learn to make them a little extra beautiful while in the act! This class will have you stretching, elongating, and perfecting the look of your ankles as you glide across the dance floor.


Footwork in Rhythmical Dances – Mr. Vasilii Platonov – Rhythm dances tend to have some pretty fancy footwork, so why not explore it and enjoy it! This class will focus on the movement and techniques, used with your feet, while dancing all of your favorite rhythm dances.

Country Dances – Mr. Matthew Payne – Yeehaw! It’s time to bring out your cowboy boots and learn a line dance or two! That’s right, this class is set to teach you everything country western (dance wise of course)!

Salsa – Ms. Alexis Beetz – Have you ever wanted to add a little Salsa to your life? Now is your chance! This Salsa class will explore and teach the basics, have you up, movin’ and grooving,’ and is great for all dance levels – beginner to advanced! Learn to Salsa with us!



Dance Fit – Mr. Ernesto Olivas – Why Dance Workout you ask? You do not need a gym membership; you do not need any equipment! You can get in shape in your own living room and have fun doing it!