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** Update as of May 20th: We are happy to announce that we now offer both in-person and virtual private and group lessons! Contact the studio for more information **

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Virtual Group Class Descriptions


Patterns Off Program – Mr. Dana James

You know those moves – the ones that teachers seem to lead at the parties but don’t always (or never) get to on lessons? That is because there is no box to check off once it has been taught. Learn some simple variations on Fred Astaire Dance Studio patterns or just personal favorites that were never on a program to begin with. Classes do not build week to week, so feel free to pop in anytime without fear that you have missed any material. Typically geared toward: Push Pull, Salsa, Cha Cha, or Swing – but you never know when a Rumba or Foxtrot variation will slide in to become your new favorite step.


Latin – Mr. Oleksandr Kozhukhar

Come and experience an introduction to the basic fundamentals and characteristics of the five Latin dances – Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive. We will cover basic characteristics of the dances, footwork, body actions, timing, and more! No Latin experience required.


Body Coordination – Mr. Brandon Romero

Learn how to produce the same amazing grace, power, and precision of Professional Dancers through simple exercises. By exploring the use of your bones and joints, develop the relationship between different parts of your body to grasp fundamental dance principles.

Ballet Barre – Ms. Rachel Sayotovich

Learn the fundamentals of ballet barre work as it applies to our ballroom dancing with a partner! We will explore different ballet moves and exercises to isolate and control certain muscles groups to create aesthetically beautiful lines.  No ballet experience required.

Elements of Dance – Mr. Daniel Skyler

In this class Mr. Daniel Skyler will be breaking down the fundamentals of ballroom dancing – lead and follow, underarm turns, twinkles, rock steps and so much more!

New Students Virtual Group Class – Mr. Dana James

This class is for new students interested in learning or perfecting basic dance steps to a variety of ballroom and Latin dances. All are welcome, no experience necessary.


Arm Styling – Ms. Sasha Kharchenko

This class will teach you how to coordinate your body movement with your arms in rhythm and smooth styles of dancing. You will have a better understanding of different arm positions and make you feel confident about your styling!


Stretching – Ms. Jade Augustain

This class is for anyone looking to increase flexibility and range of motion. These stretches will target the legs, hips, shoulders, and back, while also focusing on the muscles for balance.

West Coast Glide – Mr. Matthew Payne

Learn to dance the West Coast Swing, making it look and feel like modern West Coast is today – smooth walking on a cloud. Dancing the style and compression of West Coast, while adding whip quality and playfulness that comes from this incredible dance.


Virtual Social Dance Party

Join the Brookfield and Milwaukee Studio students and professionals for an evening of social dancing – virtually! These weekly themed dance parties will have you filling your Thursday evenings with movement, your love of dance, and the opportunity to stay connected to your dance family and make new friends!


Dance Fit – Mr. Ernesto Olivas

Why Dance Workout you ask? You do not need a gym membership; you do not need any equipment! You can get in shape in your own living room and have fun doing it!