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** Update as of May 20th: We are happy to announce that we now offer both in-person and virtual private and group lessons! Contact the studio for more information **

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Virtual Group Class Descriptions


Social Foundation – Mr. Daniel Skyler

A great way to refocus on your lead and follow and brush up on a few patterns you may have forgotten or are just being introduced to!

Merenguito – Mr. Sergio Sanchez

Learn exciting approaches and techniques along with fun new material to implement into your Merengue, and get an awesome cardio workout while you do it!!   Other dances featured include: Salsa and Bachata.

Salsa Shine Patterns – Mr. Brandon Romero

Salsa Shine patterns are designed to be danced by yourself as a presentation of individual dance skill outside of the partner dance interaction. The focus of the dancer is on them self by using a combination of turns, syncopations, and body rhythms.

Rhythm Techniques – Ms. Rachel Sayotovich

Come and explore different techniques we use in dancing the American Rhythm style- including turns, rotations, Cuban motion, body action, footwork, and more! All levels of dancing are welcome!

Latin – Mr. Oleksandr Kozhukhar

Come and experience an introduction to the basic fundamentals and characteristics of the five Latin dances – Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive. We will cover basic characteristics of the dances, footwork, body actions, timing, and more! No Latin experience required.

Line Dance Party Prep – Mr. Alexander Zarek

This group class will go over some of the line dances that will appear at our Thursday night virtual parties so that you will have a head start on the material! The line dances and music selections will change from week to week.

Arm Styling – Ms. Sasha Kharchenko

This class will teach you how to coordinate your body movement with your arms in rhythm and smooth styles of dancing. You will have a better understanding of different arm positions and make you feel confident about your styling!


Easy Conditioning – Ms. Rebecca Vincitore 

This is the class that kicks you into shape with easy body movements. No gym? No problem! Please have a mat for moments on the floor and enough space to march in place! This is going to awaken your entire body by the end of this practice and supplement the process to get you back on track with your dancing!

Stretching – Ms. Jade Augustain

This class is for anyone looking to increase flexibility and range of motion. These stretches will target the legs, hips, shoulders, and back, while also focusing on the muscles for balance.

Samba – Ms. Sasha Kharchenko

Let’s talk about samba techniques and how to make those Cuban rhythms look good on you!

Bronze Cha Cha – Ms. Alexis Beetz

Together we will learn Cha Cha figures, practice your footwork, body action and arm styling. Then we will put it all together in a line dance! This is a great way to improve your Cha Cha without a partner.

Dance Smart – Mr. Slash Sharan

This class presents an academic and mental approach to Ballroom Dancing. Learn little tricks and tips to help you become a better dancer…quicker!

West Coast Glide – Mr. Matthew Payne

Learn to dance the West Coast Swing, making it look and feel like modern West Coast is today – smooth walking on a cloud. Dancing the style and compression of West Coast, while adding whip quality and playfulness that comes from this incredible dance.

Social Club Dances for All Levels – Mr. Dana James

You know those moves – the ones that teachers seem to lead at the parties but don’t always (or never) get to on lessons? That is because there is no box to check off once it has been taught. Learn some simple variations on Fred Astaire Dance Studio patterns or just personal favorites that were never on a program to begin with. Classes do not build week to week, so feel free to pop in anytime without fear that you have missed any material. Typically geared toward: Push Pull, Salsa, Cha Cha, or Swing – but you never know when a Rumba or Foxtrot variation will slide in to become your new favorite step.


Contemporary – Mr. Ernesto Olivas

This class will be a crash course on the currently popular ‘contemporary’ style of dance. In a nutshell, it will combine a mixture of jazz and ballet to produce this popular fusion. The freedom, flexibility, and musical interpretation that you gain from dancing contemporary will help you add new dimension to your ballroom dance education.

Body Coordination – Mr. Brandon Romero

Learn how to produce the same amazing grace, power, and precision of Professional Dancers through simple exercises. By exploring the use of your bones and joints, develop the relationship between different parts of your body to grasp fundamental dance principles.

Full Bronze – Mr. Daniel Skyler

A little deeper exploration of technique in all dances with an emphasis on individual solo work at the Bronze level.

Stretching – Ms. Rachel Sayotovich

Join us for 40 minutes of continuous stretching to work on joint flexibility and achieving long and lean muscles!

Standard Ballroom – Mr. Oleksandr Kozhukhar

Join us for the basic fundamentals and characteristics of the five Standard dances – Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, and Quickstep. We will cover basic characteristics of the dances, footwork, posture and frame, timing, and more! No Standard experience required.

Bronze Waltz – Ms. Alexis Beetz

Learn to dance Waltz confidently and comfortably in the comfort of your own home – even in the smallest of living spaces!  We will be working on frame, balance, arm styling, swing and sway, and so many other fun things!

Basic Rhythm Body Actions – Mr. Dana James

American Rhythm Body Action, Muscular Isolations and Techniques

Dancing is such great exercise because of all the small muscle groups that need to engage to produce good techniques and coordination. This class is meant for most any dancer whether just learning the techniques or wanting to condition some of those hard to access muscles.  You’ll not only gain (or regain) an awareness of those muscles that we don’t seem to use for anything but dancing, but also come away with small exercises to fine tune and condition them so they stop hurting every time you rediscover them.

Ballet and Ballroom – Ms. Rebecca Vincitore

The core of all dance is based on the art and beauty of ballet. Join in to learn the discipline of dance and learn different ways to develop strong coordination. We focus on every muscle in the body from top to bottom.

Disney Night! – Mr. Arthur Sigmund

Grab your ears and get ready for a fun night of line dancing to some of everyone’s favorite hits from the mouse! We will be learning a simple line dance to a different Disney movie theme each week! We will work on sequencing, coordination, as well as having fun and being flexible in going through choreography all while tackling many different dance styles!


Dance Workout – Ms. Sasha Kharchenko

Why Dance Workout you ask? You do not need a gym membership; you do not need any equipment! You can get in shape in your own living room and have fun doing it!

Night Club Dances – Ms. Jade Augustain

Join us for the Night Club or Alternative dances that you might have always wanted to learn but have not tried yet! Each week we will introduce a new dance such as West Coast Swing, Hustle, Salsa, Country 2-Step, Merengue and many more!!!

Bachata – Ms. Jade Augustain

An introduction to the romantic Dominican Republic dance bachata! Come and learn the basic movements and patterns of this spicy Latin dance.

Do the Hustle! – Mr. Matthew Payne 

Dance the Hustle while talking about different styles and moves too! Take your swing to everyday in every way.  Focus on making it about the moving, twisting and wrapping that is hustle at its finest.  Come join the Beat and Do the Hustle!

40/40/40 – Mr. Slash Sharan

Experience a buffet of 40 unique rhythms in 40 dances from around the world in 40 minutes. No partner or dance experience required. (But water and a towel would be highly recommended)


Wake Up & Make Up – Ms. Megan Strong

Take some time for yourself and get ready in the morning by following a guided makeup look with Ms. Megan Strong. We will be learning different makeup techniques and proper application. No experience necessary, and you don’t need to have certain products!

Smooth Drills – Ms. Megan Strong 

The perfect opportunity to practice your smooth dancing without needing a ton of space! This class we will build understanding of smooth technique as well as strengthen and stretch muscle groups to improve your dancing!

Beginner Bronze – Mr. Brandon Romero

The Bronze program is key in developing basic dance fundamentals like Rise and Fall, Cuban Motion, and Partnership. Learn how to apply these techniques towards your new Bronze patterns!

Dance Mobility Wheelchair Ballroom Dance Class – Mr. Sergio Sanchez

Join us for our weekly Dance Mobility group class! This class will have you gliding across your kitchen and living room floors in no time! Learn the moves, mechanics, and body awareness for your wheelchair while you explore basic dances such as Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Tango! Enjoy this class with or without a partner!


Silver Level – Mr. Daniel Skyler

An introduction into the flash and flair of silver level dancing through the curriculum with an emphasis on styling and lead and follow.

Ballet Barre – Ms. Rachel Sayotovich

Learn the fundamentals of ballet barre work as it applies to our ballroom dancing with a partner! We will explore different ballet moves and exercises to isolate and control certain muscles groups to create aesthetically beautiful lines.  No ballet experience required.

Living Room Broadway – Mr. Arthur Sigmund 

Turn your living room into the big stage with bright lights with Broadway night! Every week we will be learning a different show number from different musicals from the actual Broadway shows!!! All the choreography is adapted to fit in the comfort of your living room! We will work on how to learn choreography quickly and effectively as well as getting a great work out! Come join us for numbers from shows like Hamilton, Aladdin, Hairspray and more!


Junior Ballroom – Ms. Megan Strong 

Designed for ages 7-11 this class is perfect for your young ones to learn about dance in a fun and engaging way! Each class we will go through a warmup and a stretch, then learn some ballroom choreography and dance technique!