4 Goals Ballroom Dancers Can Get Behind In The New Year

As soon as the ball drops on New Years Eve many of us feel a burst of excitement and inspiration about the year ahead and the goals we’ve put it in place! If you’re a current student, or someone interested in learning how to dance, than consider setting some goals related to dance. Ballroom dancing is a great way to get fit and lead a healthier, happier life!

We love to see students dancing and happy in our Phoenix North studio so we took it upon ourselves to give you some New Year’s Resolution Ideas 🙂 

Try a New Ballroom Dance Style
Like other athletes, dancers can benefit from cross-training, even if it only means trying a new type of dance. Learning a new dance style can help improve your balance, memory and endurance. Even if you never plan to dance competitively, trying on a new style can broaden your movement vocabulary. It can also increase your overall enjoyment of the whole ballroom experience. 

Invest in a Good Pair of Ballroom Dance Shoes

Proper footwear is essential to any dancer who wants to learn grace and precision on the ballroom dance floor. A good dance shoe will offer enhanced mobility, allowing you to flex, point, and use your ankles more effectively. It will also provide a proper grip for your foot on the dance floor, and will help improve safety for your feet, ankles and knees. 

Learn From Your Mistakes

Whether it’s dance lessons or any new skill, that’s the way we improve. The trick is not to let self-doubt creep in or to let feelings of awkwardness overcome you. Dancing involves building muscle memory and confidence. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Consider each one an opportunity to get better.

Invite a Friend to Try a Class

Share the love! If you’ve found a fondness for the foxtrot, chances are someone you know will also love learning to dance. Plus, when you make a commitment to improve your lifestyle along with someone else — a close friend, your significant other, a colleague — you’re more likely to stick with it. 

It all comes down to finding a plan that makes sense, setting realistic goals, and having accountability. Reaching a new goal isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it!