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Our friendly staff and talented Dance Instructors can help you realize your dance goals – and you’ll have lots of fun doing it! Browse this page to meet our team of certified Dance Pros and learn about their qualifications and experience. Then call us, and get started today.
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Ellen Ekkart – Owner
Ellen is a professional dancer, choreographer and International Adjudicator from Belgium. She was 7 times...
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Peter Ekkart – Owner
Peter was born and raised in a dance studio. He started very young to dance competitions in Ballroom...
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Richard Kaszas
Richard is one of the the top teachers in the Fred Astaire Texas region. Specialized in Rhythm, but also...
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Christopher Simon
Christopher joined Fred Astaire in 2010, and is a high expierenced dance dirctor, staff trainer and of...
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Faith Pangea
Faith comes from Greece. Together with Richard, she is one of the the top teachers in the Fred Astaire...
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