Exploring The Passion Of The Paso Doble

If you’ve been watching Dancing With The Stars like we have, you probably noticed a lot of Paso Doble performances last night for the Halloween Special (we especially liked Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas’s Paso Doblé) . This theatrical dance has an interesting background that involves role-playing of sorts so it’s no wonder the Halloween episode would showcase it so much.

In Spanish, “Paso Doble” means “two-step” and refers to the marching nature of the steps.

This is an energetic and passionate dance modeled after actions done in Spanish bullfights with the man as the matador and the lady as his cape. Although, the man is traditionally the matador (bullfighter), the dancers may choose to pass the role of the torero, picador, banderillero, bull, or Spanish dancer. They can also transform roles throughout the dance.

The Paso Doble moves around the floor and is characterized by sharp movements. All moves of the Paso Doble should be sharp and quick, with the chest and head held high to represent arrogance and dignity — again, much like a traditional bullfight.

Here are some other characteristics of dancing Paso Doble:

  • Use marching type steps.
  • Move sharply.
  • Hold head high.
  • Hold chest up.
  • Use staccato movements.
  • Use ball of foot on most steps.
  • Heel leads when progressing.
  • Use Paso Doble Hold.
  • Body moves before foot.
  • Often start with trail foot.
  • Often one step on every beat. 

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