Get Fit With FADS Cypress! Health-a-Palooza Is Here!

Getting fit and staying fit may entail time and effort, but it certainly doesn’t have to drudgery. In fact, it should be fun. Enjoyable. You look forward to time spent on your personal needs and well-being.

And that’s exactly the point of what we will be doing in March as we kick off “Health-a-Palooza.” Time to get fit in the most fun way possible – through dance.

“Health-a-Palooza” will include work-out group dance classes, cardio targeted private lessons, healthy happy hours and contests with prizes. The kickoff for this festival will be Sunday, March 11 at the Cypress studio. RSVP registration is required.

The day’s activities will include a group lecture by a nutritionist, nutrition one-on-one sessions, cardio dance workout and lunch. Ask your instructor for your personalized health package information in order to participate in all of the fun!

You know what? We’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. How about this: A “Get Fit with FADS” special of two private introductory lessons for $35 that will include a dance analysis to personalize a high energy and cardio-focused dance program to maximize the benefits of ballroom dancing! Why not combine personal training and dance training?

Note: This is a spring special and must be redeemed by the end of March.

What a great time to team up with someone – a spouse, a friend – to start getting in shape for the summer. And there is never a bad time to be out on the dance floor, improving your skills as well as your emotional and mental well-being.

From our “Did you know?” file about the value and importance of dance:

  • Calories burned: Just 30 minutes of dancing burns between 200 and 400 calories, the same as swimming or cycling.
  • Builds heart health and stamina.
  • Feeds your brain. Learning and practicing dance patterns helps reduce the chances of dementia and depression.
  • Builds strong bones and improves joint health. As dancing is a weight-bearing exercise, it reduces the likelihood of developing osteoporosis. Dancing is good for every part of you – head and heart and limbs.
  • Stress release. Pleasurable activities and an intense physical workout release endorphins, a hormone that induces relaxation and “runner’s high.”

Get with the program during “Health-a-Palooza.” Stop in and talk to your instructor for more information about an event aimed at health and happiness.