Start Dancing!


Limited Time Offer for New Students


The teaching philosophy at Fred Astaire Dance Studios is simple: learning how to ballroom dance is always fun! We work with students of all ages & abilities and help them realize their ballroom dancing goals in a friendly & inspirational atmosphere.

We offer a unique dance curriculum that fosters the many benefits of dance. Our promise to you: enriching lives – physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially – through the positive, transforming power of dance.

Our proven dance curriculum includes a tiered program of Private Lessons, Group Lessons, and Practice Parties to ensure you learn as much as possible, with the most retention, while having fun!


Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ unique teaching method offers many physical, mental, social, and emotional health benefits.

  1. Weight loss & increased metabolism
  2. Increased muscle strength & endurance
  3. Increased flexibility & agility
  4. Improved balance & spacial awareness
  5. Stress reduction
  6. Improved cognitive skills
  7. Greater self-confidence
  8. Better social skills
  9. Great couples hobby


Ballroom dance is a fun and excellent way for all ages and fitness levels to improve their health and relationships. Begin your dance journey today with Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

Importantly, it serves as a fantastic outlet for creativity and self-expression. With all these reasons to start learning ballroom dance, we challenge you to find a good reason NOT to.


Our unique teaching method includes a three-tiered system of regularly scheduled private lessons, group classes and practice parties.

Private lessons are designed based on the needs and level of the individual dancer or couple. This gives you the specialized and personalized attention to look and feel confident on the dance floor, while developing the ability to lead or follow any partner. We move at your pace, perfecting and polishing your dancing all the while. We’ll get you started by learning the basic steps and techniques of our six most popular social dances: tango, waltz, foxtrot, rumab, swing, and cha-cha

Group classes complement your private lessons, because this is where patterns, technique, and style are learned. Group classes also enable you to meet other students with similar dancing goals, develop balance, and learn the mechanics of dancing.

Group dance parties are social environments to practice navigating a more saturated dance floor, learn new steps, practice routines, and meet other dancers! Practice parties are a great (& FUN!) way to apply what you’re learning.

“The quality of instruction is simply outstanding!”


New students get a special intro offer to help familiarize themselves with the outstanding teaching methods we have to offer here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Simply fill out our form and let us know what you are looking to achieve by bringing dance into your life.

All new students will get 2 (25-Minute) Private Lessons for ONLY $75!