Olena Bobrakova – Certified Dance Instructor International / American Styles

Olena has truly lived and breathed dance since the day she was born.  Olena’s upbringing in a family of dancers has greatly shaped her passion and skill in the art form. Olena’s mother is a Office Adjudicator for Advanced levels of dance, and her father was a dancer.  Growing up surrounded by the world of dance from a young age it is no surprise that Olena began dancing at the age of 5.   It is also clear that her talent and dedication have been unwavering.

Her education in various styles of dance, such as ballet; jazz; International Latin and International Standard speaks to her professional commitment of mastering her craft. Olena’s journey as a professional dancer competing in various categories across Ukraine, Russia, and Europe highlights her success and talent in the dance world. Her experiences in the regional and the international competitions, performing in countries like South Korea, Dubai, and China for more than 6 years have undoubtedly broadened her perspective and enriched her skills as a dancer.

Olena made her way to the USA where her  passion for dance continues to thrive.  Olena within one month of starting with Fred Astaire won two first places in the Professional Division in Boston, Massachusetts. Olena’s achievements continue as she has successfully passed her first exam in American Style which is real testament to her unwavering dedication and skill.  She continues to thrive in her work as a certified professional dance teacher, especially with wedding couples; students of all ages and abilities showcase her desire to share her love and knowledge of dance with others.

Olena’s story is not only one of passion and talent, but also of determination and perseverance. Her journey as a dancer exemplifies the profound impact that a family’s legacy and a deep-rooted passion can have on one’s life and career. Olena’s schedule fills quickly please call the studio to find in order to find out more information about her availability as many students are seeking this level of professional.