Ballroom Juniors

Kids Dance Lessons

Does your child enjoy music and movement? Would you like to turn this into a skill that lasts for a lifetime? Would you like them to have an outlet, a fun exercise and a creative, challenging activity for body and mind? Ballroom dancing is an amazing way for children to develop important social skills and discipline that lead to success both at school and through life! (No prior ballroom dance experience is necessary).
We have two age groups for our classes: 6-9 years old and 10-14 years old. 
Our youth program focuses on the following:

  • Building self confidence and social skills
  • Increasing creativity
  • Basic elements of all the ballroom dances
  • Develop coordination
  • Balance and flexibility
  • Team work

Benefits of ballroom dancing:

  • Exercise
  • Confidence
  • Making New Friends

Our instructors are highly trained and board certified. Our studio environment is very welcoming and all our teachers are very skilled working with that age.