Competitive Dance Lessons Humble, TX

To Be The Best You Have To Train With The Best!

The competitive program at Fred Astaire Dance Studios is celebrated nationwide for training some of the best dancers. Our instructors have extensive experience in training amateur students to reach the pinnacle of the Pro-Am competition circuit. Our students are very often national finalists, and we’ve trained many who have ranked first in national contests.

We have expertise in teaching students of all ages and levels to compete, from youth to senior and from Newcomer to Open Gold. Whether you’re new to the world of competitive dance or a seasoned veteran, competing Pro-Am with our instructors will provide you with the challenges you need and the excitement you desire.

Competitive Dance Lessons Humble, TX
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What Is Pro-Am?

Pro-Am is a category in dancesport competitions in which one person in the partnership is a teacher or professional dancer (Pro) and the other person is an amateur (Am).

Competing is a great way to apply your knowledge in a way that helps you set and meet concrete goals while improving your skills. Competitions are a unique and creative outlet that allows you to compete while expressing your individuality.

Types Of Dance Competitions

In-Studio events are designed to be a great starting point for students to get used to dancing in public. If you want to go to a larger event, or just work out the kinks of a wedding routine, this is the venue where it usually starts.

District events take place four to six times per year. District events are larger events involving more than one studio in your area. These events usually take place at a local hotel, and in addition to the dance competitions, the event ends with a professional floor show and dinner. These are open to any skill level and are a great way to meet other Fred Astaire students.

National competitions are the largest of the exhibition events. These events are held all over the country. Some past events have been held in Las Vegas, Orlando, North Carolina, San Diego, Virginia, and other places. National competitions are multi-day events that change dancers for the better. There are students and teachers from studios all over the world in attendance and they are held at some of the finest resort hotels you can find. If you’re looking for the glitz and glamor of what you see on television, this is it.

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