Practice Parties

Our practice parties are weekly practice sessions for all our students. During these parties, you get to have fun dancing with the instructors and students in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

The practice party gives you the opportunity to practice and try out all the new dance skills that you’ve learned in your private and group lessons. We welcome you to drop-in at any of our practice parties. We do charge a $10 entrance fee if you’re not enrolled in any of our programs, but the parties are a great way to get to know other students and the instructors. We look forward to welcoming you.

Trophy Ball

The Fred Astaire Trophy Ball is a gala dance event honoring students who “graduate” from one level of their dance program to the next.

Trophy Balls also afford students the opportunity to enjoy dancing in a fun and elegant setting that is sure to leave them eager for the next level of their dance training.


A showcase is a one-day event where students present dance routines with personalized choreography that really shows off what they’re able to do with their new and refined dance skills.

These routines are an exciting addition to our Medalist Program because they allow a dancer to develop showmanship and musical expression along with social dance skills.

Fred Astaire Dance Championships

The Fred Astaire Dance Championships (also known as the Dance Sport Competition) is an exciting two or three day event that brings students from many Fred Astaire studios together to compete. Participants compete with other dancers who are at the same level, and in the same styles of dance. The championships are a great way to meet new dancers and be inspired by others.

The Dance Sport Competition requires specialized dance training to polish and perfect choreography, technique, and a unique style that will impress others.