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At our dance studio in Lake Oswego, OR, we offer an array of exquisite dance experiences tailored to meet your aspirations. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to groove to the beats or a couple seeking to perfect your steps with a memorable wedding dance for that special day, Fred Astaire Dance Studios is your haven for dance excellence.

Dance Lessons for Every Style and Level

From ballroom dance lessons to sultry salsa dance lessons, our Lake Oswego, OR, studio boasts diverse classes designed to suit every skill level, learning style and taste. Our seasoned instructors ensure a nurturing environment, guiding beginners through their initial steps and challenging seasoned dancers to refine their craft.

Perfect Your Moment with Wedding Dance Lessons

Your first dance as a couple should be unforgettable. Our specialized wedding dance lessons cater to soon-to-be-weds, crafting graceful and memorable routines that reflect your unique love story. On top of choreographing the perfect first dance routine for couples, our wedding dance lessons are a wonderful option beyond bride and groom, suitable for Father/Daughter, Mother/Son and the entire wedding party!

Couple Dance Classes for Bonding Through Movement

Enhance your connection through dance with our tailored couple dance lessons taught by our nationally certified instructors in our conveniently located, state-of-the-art, dance studio in Lake Oswego. These sessions provide an opportunity for partners to synchronize their movements while creating a beautiful rhythm together, not to mention having fun and improving overall well-being.

Private Lessons Tailored to You

Our private dance lessons offer one-on-one coaching for personalized attention and accelerated progress, focusing on your goals and learning pace.

Join Our Dance Community

Dance isn’t just about learning. It’s about celebration and connection. Our practice parties bring together dance enthusiasts and students to practice their moves in a lively, supportive atmosphere.

Step into our ballroom dance studio in Lake Oswego, OR, and let the music guide you. Experience the sheer joy of movement, the thrill of learning, and the warmth of a community passionate about and dedicated to, enriching life through dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Call 971-255-1918 for more details.

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Wedding Dance Lessons Lake Oswego, OR

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