Dymytrii Goncharov – Studio Owner

Dymytrii comes to us from Ukraine where he, along with wife and dance partner Tetiana Lutsenko, ran several dance schools.

Dymytrii’s accomplishments include:

Champion of Europe in the Latin American program,

7-time Fred Astaire 10 Dance Champion,

Fred Astaire Professional Open Ballroom Champion

Ohio Star Ball Professional RS Latin Champion

USDC Professional RS Latin Finalist

and participation in Blackpool, Paris, London, and US competitions.

Tetiana Lutsenko – Studio Owner

Tetiana comes to us from Ukraine where she, along with husband and dance partner Dymytrii Goncharov, ran several dance schools. Tetiana studied at National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine.

Tetiana’s accomplishments include:

Champion of Europe in the Latin American program

7-time Fred Astaire 10 Dance Champion,

Fred Astaire Professional Open Ballroom Champion

Ohio Star Ball Professional RS Latin Champion

USDC Professional RS Latin Finalist

and participation in Blackpool, Paris, London, and US competitions.

Vladimir Vitenko – Professional Instructor

Vladimir is by far one of our most experienced teachers. He began dancing in Ukraine at the age of 6 years old. Since the beginning he excelled and was quickly winning various dance titles all over Europe. He represented Ukraine in countless competitions, becoming a 4-time National 10-Dance Championship, and a 4-time Standard National Championship. Vladimir was in the top 50 at Blackpool International, which is an outstanding result for a competition of that caliber.

He has a Master’s degree in Dancesport and has also been an internationally certified adjudicator. He (and his wife Olga) recently moved to the United States, and joined team Madison West, and just recently welcomed their first daughter! Vladimir is a welcome addition to our team of instructors, offering his expertise to students and fellow teachers alike! We are thankful to be able to offer our students an opportunity to learn from a teacher with this incredible amount of experience!

Veronika Shapar – Professional Instructor

Veronika has been dancing forever! From the age of five she has participated in musical and dance classes of many different styles. At age 12, she began concentrating mainly on Dancesport. She represented the Ukranian team at competitions at both regional and national levels. At age 17 she started studying at the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine, eventually earning a bachelor of Dancesport & Physical Education. From 2012 – 2016 she taught and coached at Sputnik Dance Club in Ukraine before joining us at Fred Astaire Madison West in 2017!

Veronika has been an artistic person from a young age with a good foundation in music which gives her a well-rounded knowledge of dance.  She is always seeking to learn more and believes it’s never too late to learn something new. She believes dancing is the best way to show your true self and show yourself you can do anything you put your mind to, nothing is impossible. She encourages you to follow your dream and hopes you’ll take the leap and join her in the studio for a lesson!

Daniel Hager – Professional Instructor

Daniel comes to us from Fred Astaire Dance Studio – Downtown Milwaukee. He studied at The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee where he first found interest in dancing through ballet, jazz, and salsa classes. He was a former student at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio – Milwaukee Downtown where he had a comprehensive journey as a competitive dancer with his professional teacher for 4 years. He is determined to share is passion in dance with anyone and everyone who would like to learn. He believes that dancing has many benefits physically and emotionally. He is always continuing to explore his own dancing as well as his ability to be an effective teacher. Daniel specializes in mostly American-Style Smooth and Rhythm but loves all dancing.

Jake Wuchterl – Professional Instructor

Jake Wuchterl comes to us from The University of Wisconsin-Whitewate where he studied numerous forms of dance including Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, and Ballroom Dance! He also choreographed many different dance styles! He also studied Theater Management and became well-versed in stage design for dance performances and marketing booking theaters.

Melody Tanz – Office Manager

Melody comes to us from a variety of backgrounds that include an upbringing in a household of music and dance and a family business in the hospitality industry. Her parents wrote and performed music as well as taught ballroom dance for extra income, giving Melody and her five siblings the gift of dancing.

While growing up, her family ran a small town tavern/restaurant/dance hall in Northern Wisconsin. This led her to working for the trade association for the Wisconsin hospitalitiy industry for over a decade after she graduated from high school. After marrying her husband Steve and having two children, her life took a path in another direction working from home raising her two children and running an in-home daycare until both of her children started school. She then found herself interested in the dental field and utilized her business background in dental office management for 16 years.

After surviving cancer twice, she decided it was time to ‘face the music’ and realized that she needed to work in a stress-free environment that not only brought her ‘back to her roots’ but also brought her joy on a daily basis. She loves that her job allows her to listen to dance music all day long while looking out on the dance floor and seeing people of all ages smiling, happy and active.

Melody’s hobbies are camping, gardening, training her beautiful German Shepherd, Helix, singing in her daughter’s band, and of course….dancing! You will find her on the dance floor at any opportunity.

Sarah Natra – Front Desk Manager

Sarah comes to us from Portland, Oregon where she worked at an independent ballroom dance studio. She is an ink and paint artist in her spare time, focusing on geometric and abstract art forms, she also loves to dabble in all things creative. She is excited to join the Fred Astaire Dance Studio team! Sarah danced all through out high school and looks forward to getting additional ballroom dance experience soon!