Andrew Kerski – Owner/Certified Instructor

Andrew was drawn into the world of ballroom dance back in his mid-teens and has never looked back! He has now been in the dance world for seventeen years, over half of his life, and has no regrets. Dance changed his life in more ways than he can recount. He truly believes in all the benefits that dance has to offer. He has experienced the physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits of dance for himself and in his students over the years.

Andrew was instantly taken by dance upon his first lesson. He dove right into competitive style dance, receiving numerous top junior awards as a teen dancing with his various teachers. His career really took off upon meeting his first serious dance partner, with whom he competed and won dozens of competitions all across the country. Andrew became a National Collegiate Champion and shortly after, won the National Amateur Rhythm title for the United States at age 21. He has had the pleasure to work with all of the top professionals the industry has to offer, including national and world champions in all of the various styles of ballroom dance. Andrew has since competed professionally in all styles with various partners over the years.

As important as his professional career has been to him, students are also his focus. Andrew has been teaching others to dance at various studios over the years, managing several of them along the way before becoming the owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Middletown. He first came to Fred Astaire back in 2011, quickly becoming a very highly certified teacher, winning multiple top teacher awards in various categories within the company and at competition with his students. The care that he shows for his students and the quality of the instruction they receive are paramount to him. He caters to all ages and all levels of dance. Whether you’re a student looking to become a future national champion; a student who wants to be able to dance well at a wedding or social event; a wedding couple looking to awe the crowd for your first dance on your wedding day; or a student simply looking to have fun and challenge yourself, Andrew can help achieve whatever your dancing goals may be. He cares for all of his students, and loves to see the changes in his students as they achieve their goals of fitness or weight loss; increasing coordination, mobility and flexibility; becoming more social and comfortable in social environments; and becoming more confident in themselves and their belief that they can truly do anything if they put their mind to it. Andrew will help you achieve your goals and he does it all with a smile in a very encouraging and nurturing way.

If you have ever been curious about ballroom partner dancing, Andrew will get you on the beat and get those feet moving in the right direction. Be sure to come check out our Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Middletown, CT!