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Introductory Class — Class focused on the introduction to all the most popular social dances.
(New Students Only)

Beginner Class — Mainly focus on building your basic dance vocabulary. Much of the
emphasis is on learning the first 3 to 5 step patterns of each dance.

Social Foundation — Focus not only on the patterns but also on the timing, partnership, and
basic character of the dances.

Bronze 1 — Geared towards Preliminary Level students. (Bronze steps 1-5)

Bronze 2 — Geared towards Senior and Final Level students. (Bronze steps 6-10)

Silver Class — For students currently involved in the Silver program.

Tech Class — Open to all.

Series — Open to all.

Formations — Choreographed group routines to music.

Practice Party — Appropriate for every level of student, practice parties focus on developing
the confidence to lead and/or follow on a crowded dance floor to a variety of different music
and partners. This is the best way to practice and improve your dancing in a social setting.