Bette Chamberlin

Although I was once a professional dancer, I always wanted to learn ballroom dancing.  I found the perfect place with Ilya and Nadia at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Montville, NJ and have been taking lessons and competing for 5 years.  The studio is an oasis of warmth and support – the staff always professional.  Once you set foot inside, worries melt away and the fun begins. I look forward to my lessons each and every time!


Diane Coyne

I’ve been blessed with many gifts in my life, a wonderful family, special friends, great faith, good health plus a free spirit which has always relied on music and dance as a resource for keeping joy and pleasure in my life even during challenging times.

One of the most amazing gift for which I am truly grateful is the phenomenon of Ballroom Dancing at The Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Montville, New Jersey.  This has become my greatest of life’s passion due to the incredibly talented professionals who so graciously share their gifts and have created and made dreams for me come true.  In less than 1 year I have learned the Art of Ballroom Dancing, performed in a Studio Show Case with my instructors Alex and Ty who are amazing Dancers, and participated in my first Competition. They made it happen for me and I will be forever grateful for this and I am sure more to come.

Thank you Ilya and Nadia, watching you guys perform is a dream in itself, that experience has been so exciting and inspiring to me, dancing with Ilya at the Studio and having Nadia as a coach, two International Champions, I can’t find the adequate words to describe it, except to say thank you for inviting me to learn to dance and be a part of such a wonderful family of dancers at Fred Astaire’s who have become so precious to me.  Thanks to Alex, Ty, Mary, Belle,  who are such an inspiration.  You all share a special gift of individual talent which allows all the pieces to fit for a great dance studio of Instructors who work so hard to help me do my best and be the best I can be.


Katie Verhoest

Fred Astaire of Montville, NJ became a part of my life about two years ago. The atmosphere among the staff and fellow dancers was extremely friendly and welcoming. Over the two years of dancing at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Montville, NJ, I have learned to have more self confidence and it made me realize that if you are passionate about something, you cannot give up. Fred Astaire in Montville, NJ is an amazing establishment to be a part of and I am very fortunate that it has been such a big part of my life.


Becky Marcum

Following major surgery on my hip and leg I was advised to continue physical therapy. Seeking a more interesting path I contacted Ilya and Nadya at Montville Fred Astaire studio and was encouraged to try dancing. I’m so glad I did. I look forward to every lesson and the positive, upbeat, and healthy atmosphere of the studio as much as the dancing itself. It has been wonderful for me, healing and making me stronger. I cannot provide enough praise for the studio, and my instructor, Alex, for making my life better during a difficult time. The entire dance studio, and its wonderful patrons, has been wonderfully supportive of me; I cannot thank them enough.

Becky’s husband, Jim Marcum, adds:

“Becky’s surgery was major and life-saving, cutting out a terrible, flesh-eating infection. Her recovery was slow and difficult, not surprising considering her age (late 60s at the time). When she began dancing she was unsteady and so weak she could climb a flight of stairs only with difficulty. Her improvement has been inspiring, not only her physical strength but her attitude and psychological well-being. Her dancing has been wonderful therapy.”


Paige Radcliffe

Since joining the Fred Astaire Family when I was 7, my confidence has transformed me.  I went from being embarrassed to perform to actually enjoying and looking forward to competitions and even showcases. Thank you Fred Astaire!!


Elena M.

Fred Astaire of Montville, NJ is a great place to learn to dance. The teachers are very kind and fantastic dancers. I have learned so much with the showcases and competitions. Over the last two years, I’ve met Brooke and Paige at the studio. Now they are some of my best friends and we see each other all the time. So join the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Montville, NJ you’ll have a great time!


John Fila

Thirty five years ago I took dancing lessons. Once I started my family, I had to stop but always missed it. About 2 ½ years ago my mother found an ad in the paper for one free lesson, I called and the rest was history! I enjoy the lessons and friendships that I have formed with the instructors and the other students.


Eileen Linehan

Dancing!! I’ve always wanted to do it- I finally found it here in Fred Astaire of Montville….and eleven years later I love it more and more as I keep advancing. It has brought such joy into my life!


Christine Bianchi

Though apprehensive about taking dance lessons, and after much anguish, I decided to take the first step and call the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Montville, NJ. Throughout the first few weeks of dancing, I was inspired and encouraged by my instructors, and gradually began the journey of rebuilding self confidence while indulging my passion for dance and music.

I have since found a safe haven, as I am greeted with smiles and affection from everyone. I am now able to fulfill a “dream” I thought had passed me by. I have never been happier. My life has new meaning. Life is art, paint your dreams, set yourself to music, dance away the night.


Larry Bibb

Learning to dance substantially changed my life. One night, now 62 years ago, I was out with my friends. I was at my table and saw 5 girls walk in, one was 6ft tall. I pointed at her and told my friend that she was mine. When the music started, I walked over and asked her to dance. We danced the whole night through, and about a year later we were married. After 45 years of marriage, my wife sadly passed away. I didn’t know what to do. I realized that the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Montville, NJ was nearby and decided to go. Not only has dancing given me the confidence to meet my wife but made me who I am today.