Oleg Iakushev – Professional Dance Instructor

Oleg Iakushev started dancing at five years old in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.
While he has been trained in all styles of ballroom dancing, he has excelled in the dance industry as a “Latin Dance Competitor”. Using his training to become a Finalist in both WDC and WDSF; even being awarded the title “Master of Sport” by WDC.
Alongside his dance and life partner, Viktoriia, he has been placed within the Top 25 Couples at various International and World Dance Championships in Europe including: “Blackpool Dance Festival” and the “UK Open”.
He is now using his more than twenty years of experience as a Professional Dancer/Performer to teach here at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Montville!
He has been training children, adults, and Pro-Am Competitors for more than nine years—choreographing unique Show Dance routines along the way!

Oleg Iakushev Headshot