Wheelchair Dancing in Southern Rhode Island

The Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Narragansett is excited to bring a fresh and new style of teaching to people in wheelchairs. We offer a hobby/sport that’s social, active and fun. That is why we are excited to bring adaptive ballroom dancing, or Para Dance, to our Rhode Island community.

Para Dance is a style of dancing that allows individuals with physical impairments that affect the lower limbs to perform and express themselves through dance.

Our Para Dance instructors are certified ballroom dancers with a passion for helping those with special needs learn to dance. Caleb and Russina have received training to teach wheelchair dancing by World Para Dance Sport, the world’s pre-eminent authority on adaptive dancing.

World Para Dance Sport training includes:

  • Adapting instructor skills specifically for Para Dance students
  • Understanding the technical aspects of a wheelchair
  • Learning the rules & regulations or World Para Dance Sport
  • How to get started, and exploring advanced Para Dance technique & choreography.

Wheelchair users will experience the excitement of being on the dance floor with custom routines and movements custom tailored to their abilities.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our Para Dance program, please contact us today at 401-515-4007.

About Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Narragansett

Our beautiful studio on the pier in Narragansett is dedicated to the communities we serve, including Narragansett, Newport, North Kingston, South Kingston, Jamestown, Charlestown, Richmond and beyond. In addition to Para Dance lessons, the studio offers weekly group classes, private lessons, wedding dance instruction and more. And on Friday nights, our weekly practice parties are the hottest social scene around.

Our Sponsor

On her way home from school on March 26, 2003, 12 year old Tori Lynn Andreozzi was involved in a hit-and-run accident with a drunk driver. On that day, the lives of Tori and her family were irrevocably changed, but those who love her most searched for a way to let Tori keep doing what was important to her- helping others. Out of this desire, the Tori Lynn Foundation was born so that in some way, Tori could continue to make a positive difference in the world. The Tori Lynn Andreozzi Foundation has done just that too, they’ve sponsored monthly group classes open for anyone and everyone who like to come in and wheel around the floor. Just call and reserve your spot today!