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At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, it’s always exciting when our talented staff & students, and exciting events & locations are celebrated in the media! From local community stories to national news, our goal is to help share the inspiring examples of how the positive and transforming power of dance enriches lives – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Browse these links, and perhaps discover something new and engaging about dance. Then, step in to Fred Astaire Dance Studios and experience the joy and confidence that dance lessons can bring to your life.

Ballroom Dance News and Dance Information about Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Orange is just a click away. We are always seeing our talented staff and students in our local news. For all ballroom dance news in Orange, our studio is leading the way. Our instructors are always willing and able to educate the public in Orange Ct about the benefits of ballroom dance. From mental and physical health benefits, to self esteem and social life skills. We are always striving to enrich the lives of everyone and anyone that we come in contact with.

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