Join Us For Our Guest Party!

Fred Astaire Dance Studios students know that when we throw a party, we throw a party! But we want everyone to know what kind of party we throw, so we need you to tell your friends and invite them to our Guest Party on February 12th at 8:20 pm! 

You already know that dancing is a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Dancing enhances your life in so many ways: health, confidence, self-expression, social, relaxation, and fun. You’ve told your friends about how dancing has changed your outlook. Now show them and share the experience that you’ve enjoyed so much!

Not that we need to sweeten the pot, but you know us – we will! Our students will earn a free lesson for any guest he or she brings who signs up for and completes an introductory lesson. What a deal!

Tell your friends that dancing is a great way to add excitement to your life and a great activity to share with friends. Although learning to dance takes concentration and dedication, our students will always be surrounded by artistic, cheerful people who make learning a pleasurable and rewarding experience. So gather up your best buds and come on out to our Guest Party on Wednesday, February 12th at 8:20 pm.

We’ll see you there!