Swing of Things: School’s Out For Summer — Now What?

School’s out for summer, and keeping the kids occupied during this unprecedented time poses a challenge to parents nationwide. Fred Astaire Dance Studios is here to help get your kids off the couch and into the swing of things by teaching them to dance from the comfort and safety of your living room.

While summer camps are canceled, pools are closed and playing outside until the street lights turn on is a distant memory for young kids during this unique time, parents are still facing a long, hot summer at home with their youngsters. If you’ve already played all the board games, blown all the bubbles and cast screen-time limits aside, Fred Astaire Dance Studios encourages you to get your kids moving by learning some new dance moves. The dance studio franchise added an Online Lesson Platform to make dancing available while its studios are closed. The platform offers a variety of lessons, including an entire section devoted to children and teens.

Dancing Improves Mood

While school’s out for summer, kids across the country have been following stay-at-home orders and coping with school closures for several months. Disruption in routine, social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 stress can lead to anxiety and depression in children, according to Children’s Mercy, a pediatric healthcare facility in Kansas City, Missouri. Pediatricians and parents are reporting children are suffering from increased irritability, difficulty concentrating, changes in sleep patterns, complaints of headaches and stomachaches and feelings of hopelessness during this difficult time. Turning on the music and dancing provides an instant morale boost. Dancing releases endorphins, which are hormones produced in the pituitary gland that help people cope with stress and anxiety, according to WebMD.

Dancing Is Great Exercise

Dancing is a great form of maintenance exercise for kids who are taking a break from youth athletics. It increases flexibility and helps endurance. Physical activity helps kids control weight and reduce blood pressure and helps increase self-esteem by giving them confidence, according to Care.com, an online child care resource.

Time to Explore New Dance Styles

Fred Astaire Dance Studios’ Online Lesson Platform gives kids the opportunity to try out new dance styles. If your child has been asking to take hip-hop class, tap or ballet, our online platform can provide an introduction to the new dance and ensure your child will be inspired to participate when in-class lessons resume.

Dancing Enhances Creativity

Dancing allows children to express how they feel, as well as their thoughts and experiences, according to Scholastic, a publisher of children’s books. Expressing their creativity helps children understand their emotions and channel their energy. Learning some fun dance moves is a great way to shake off the stress from social distancing.

If your kids are reluctant to give dancing at home a try, show them some clips of these talented little ones getting groovy on the dance floor.

Aidan Xiong, from Riverside, California, showcases his hip-hop skills and adorable personality on “The Ellen Show.”

Two talented contemporary dancers from Las Vegas perform on the popular variety show, “America’s Got Talent,” in 2019.

“The Ellen Show” invited 9-year-old, Anae, and her dance instructor, Jeny, to perform on the show after a video of the charismatic pair dancing together went viral. The Belgian dancers said their dancing shares a message of love and positivity in the world.


Log on to Fred Astaire Dance Studios online platform or call us to find out how dancing can keep your kids off the Xbox and out of your hair now that school’s out for summer.