Five Tips to Get Your Man on the Dance Floor

If your partner prefers sitting on the sidelines while others dance at social occasions, Fred Astaire Dance Studios has the tips you need to get your man on the dance floor with a smile.

Many women feel the men in their lives are reluctant to kick up their heels. One-third of men never dance at parties, according to an online survey of 1,000 participants conducted by, an international research data and analytics group. Even though dancing can add excitement and fun to your marriage, some men are uncomfortable on the dance floor because they lack the training to lead. Embarrassed by their dance proficiency, some men opt out of dancing. Forty-seven percent of men think they are terrible dancers, the survey revealed. In just a few lessons, the instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can give your man the confidence he needs to have fun dancing the night away. Here are some tips for getting your main squeeze to agree to take dance lessons.

  1. Pick the Right Dance. While a romantic waltz might be your top choice, your man might prefer something more upbeat to spark his interest. Fred Astaire Dance Studios teaches a wide variety of dances from waltzes to fast-paced street dances, such as the salsa. Many couples enjoy the high energy offered by learning the swing dance.
  2. Choose the Right Type of Lesson. Would your significant other be comfortable learning to dance in a group setting, or would a private lesson be the secret to building his confidence? Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers both group and private lessons at its local studios. The dance chain also has an Online Lesson Platform allowing you to take lessons from the comfort of your own living room.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate. Compromise is a key component of any successful marriage. Has your husband always wanted to take you golfing, fishing, or camping? Perhaps now is the time to put on your fishing hat and head to the lake. An afternoon in the sun baiting the hook or hitting balls at the driving range is a small price to pay for a session of dance lessons.
  4. Put Dance Lessons on Your Christmas List. Make sure your spouse knows how much you want to learn how to dance when your birthday or Christmas rolls around. Dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios make gift-giving a breeze. Dance lessons provide couples with a fun and healthy way to spend time together.
  5. Take a Lesson by Yourself. If your husband still refuses to get on board, schedule yourself a lesson to learn some new dance moves. You do not need a partner to learn to dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Nearly 75 percent of the students at Fred Astaire Dance Studios do not have a partner. Whether you have a partner or not, one of our professional instructors will guide you. Once your man sees your skills and hears how much fun you’re having, he will want to tag along to your next lesson.

If your man still isn’t convinced that dancing is a fun activity that will help strengthen your marriage and spice up your evening, show him some of these clips of performers strutting their stuff on the dance floor.

Antonio Banderas captivates his students by dancing the tango in this scene from the movie, “Take the Lead.”

If the way to your husband’s heart is through humor, feel free to show him this clip from the remake of the movie, Jumanji. In this scene, Martha, who is played by actor Karen Gillan, tries to flirt her way past the guards with an awkward combination of dancing and fighting.

Barney and Robin take charge of the dance floor in this scene from the popular television series, “How I Met Your Mother.”