Fly Me To The Moon Prom Night!

Looking to get up, get out, and get social? Why not go to Prom?

No, you don’t need a time machine: Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Powell is organizing an all ages, all fun, ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ Prom Night! This event has it all: a delicious dinner, dazzling prom night decor and ambiance, and tons of time to dance and have a ball! 

Deliver a funny, fun, or creative Promposal to that special someone and get excited to relive the magic of this special night of celebration. Record your promposal and we will feature all your amazing creativity on this page! We can’t wait to dance, celebrate, and relive the romance and passion of Prom with you this spring!

With a full dinner, prom dance, AND a late night after party, there’s no better way to spend your night than dancing with the best crowd in town at Prom! RSVP today by giving us a call at 740-368-9040, or you can purchase your tickets right now by using the ticket purchase link just below on this page!

Fly Me To The Moon Prom Night Tickets

$55 per guest

Promposal Slideshow!

Submit your Promposal to us at to be featured in this slideshow! If you are looking for some good examples or ideas, you can check out Promposals from prior years here!