Introducing Fred Astaire Fit Club of Upper Montclair-Cedar Grove

Are you tired of the way you look and feel?  Are you tired of complaining yet still doing nothing about it?  Do you keep committing to diets that don’t work? Me too!  Congratulations and welcome to Fred Astaire Fit Club.  Our goal is to help you get fit, exercise more and improve your health. We’re going to kick off membership with a 6-week fitness challenge. I am signing up Fred Astaire Students this week to commit to our six-week weight loss challenge.  Here’s how it works

  • Sign up at the studio and step on the scale
  • We DON’T have to know how much you weigh unless you want us to help keep you accountable
  • Tell us how much weight you’d like to gain or lose and we’ll add you to our goals chart
  • Since most of us want to lose weight, I’m going to set a studio goal of losing 250 pounds by Christmas.  I’ll alter that if more people sign up.
  • Each week on your lesson you’ll weigh-in, and we’ll add your pounds to our goal-tracker
  • Join us on our weekly impromptu fitness walks, either in Cedar Grove, Brookdale Park, or Passaic Valley High School followed by a group class if you’d like to join ($ charge for classes, WALKING WITH US IS FREE unless you want to buy a t-shirt to wear on your walk.  Fred Astaire Fit Club T-shirts will be $25. We’ll place orders weekly as new members join.)
  • Like our new page on Facebook at Fred Astaire Fit Club
  • Join our Fred Astaire Fit Club Closed Group to discuss your goals, plans, frustration, tips, encouragement and more in this closed group.  Only members can see what is posted here, so it’s safe to post before and after pictures, etc.
  • Weekly dance classes will be offered to loosen up forgotten body-parts, joints, muscles and tendons.  Classes will be a mix of ballroom and contemporary jazz dance, some ballet exercises, gentle stretching, ab-work, and strengthening.  These will NOT be boot-camp-like classes.  We want to encourage all body types for gentle-yet-challenging exercises.  These classes will be offered at $15 per drop-in.  $10 each if you pre-pay for 10 ($100)

You DO NOT have to be a Fred Astaire student to join the club.  You DO have to be a Fred Astaire student to join our 6-week weight loss challenge.

I intend to invite certified personal trainers, bikini fitness model coaches, nutritionists, certified yoga teachers and more to hold special workshops, which will be an additional charge. Hopefully, we’ll become the most popular club in Essex County!

Read the story that inspired this, about Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett and how he took OK from Men’s Health Fattest city to helping its citizens lose one million pounds!   (click this)



So, will you join us? There’s more than one way to enrich your life!